The End of Thebes: Alexander’s Vengeance

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson discuss with cohost Sami Winc the fate of Thebes in the 4th century BC at the hands of Alexander the Great.

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2 thoughts on “The End of Thebes: Alexander's Vengeance”

  1. Victor,

    The Aztecs were self-conquered. Their primal “culture” gave rise to “New Spain” which offered the end of human/child sacrifice, the first Universities on this continent, the first hospitals, the first system for the education of the indigenous including women, the first governments that offered regard for the citizenry, the first care centers for the aged of society, et alio. Spain suffers a bad reputation when their investment in Mexico gets quickly side-lined by a narrative that makes no effort to give a balanced focus. Certainly, France and America both had interests in the development of Mexico and there were a lot of outside influences that had an undue influence on Mexico and how it “progressed”. One need only consider the undue influence of the York and the Scottish Rite to know that there were a lot of malformed influences working against the rise of Mexico.

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