The Empirical Lens and Covid

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson reflects on the COIVD pandemic and the policies put into place to counter it with cohost Sami Winc.

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7 thoughts on “The Empirical Lens and Covid”

  1. Hi Victor, Kushner’s book had a little passage on you:
    …I had been in the room when the president spoke with American historian and conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson. “It’s going to be a lot tougher to debate against a guy like Joe than you think,” said Hanson. “He’s potentially senile so he will say he’s always been for a position – and you will cut him off, point out that it’s not true, and he will say ‘That’s not how I remember it.’ And that will be a true statement because his memory is gone. You’re going to have to work extra hard to not come across as committing elder abuse.” Hanson’s warning was prophetic.

    I really enjoying reading his book, and haven’t had time to listen to your podcast for this weekend.

    1. Interesting point on debating a senile person. One technique I can come up with is leading biden a few more questions down the wrong position choice to make the point he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Then change the subject.

  2. Breaking History:

    “We will get you the supplies you need, ” Kushner said. “I just want to be very clear, we need your first hundred million doses in the 2nd quarter. We will not let those doses leave the country.”

    “Why are you playing God?” Bourla, Pfizer CEO, shot back. “Why do you get to determine whether an American gets a dose of the vaccine versus someone from Japan or Israel?”

    “Because I represent America, ” Kushner said. “That’s the country I work for. My job is to get as many doses for the American people as possible, and you are an American company. If you ramp up your prdouction to the levels we anticipate, it will be in part because of the help of the US government. What we ask in return is that you prioritize saving American Lives.”

  3. Hi Dr. Hanson –

    Appreciate the shoutout for The Pee Pee Tape.

    Most people have probably forgotten about it, thanks mostly to Scumbag Blue propaganda – one of their tactics is to overload the mind so it forgets lies told even a few days or weeks ago.

    Never forgive, never forget. Though I suppose we can make exceptions for extraordinary acts of penance.

  4. The first thing that came to mind when I heard that this virus was seriously troublesome to older people was,
    “So that’s how Obama and Biden decided to solve the Pension Plan problem”. As it turned out, it was much more
    sinister than that, although the first given was bad enough.
    The virus and vaccine must run right through the gamut of the DNA system, with the weaker spots kicking back in spades. I have steady weakness in legs, the very same as post-polio syndrome which shows up some years since the original episode in ’52, with the vaccine coming out in ’53 ….. too bad, too late.
    For the future, the human race is going to need a lot of luck and smarts.

  5. As always, Dr. Hanson, thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections on several subjects. One of the reasons you are so well rounded, I think, is because of your farming history and present experience where you live. This is the real world where most American’s live, not an ivory tower where so many ‘experts’ and politicians live. By the way, the sound was out on my computer for over a week and I finally found a way to fix it so don’t have to experience ‘Dr. Hanson’s wisdom withdrawal’ anymore.

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