Victor Davis Hanson Show

The Elite’s Downfall and the Truckers’ Uprising

Jack and Victor talk about the elite’s accomplishments, the Canadian truckers’ idealism and American’s confidence in the military.

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19 thoughts on “The Elite's Downfall and the Truckers' Uprising”

  1. The problem with allowing comments is you will get some half educated guy like me trying to criticize a master like Victor.

    Maybe there is a better word than “elite” to express his sentiment. I have not watched the Kardashians for many years. But if “elite” means the ability to express oneself articulately, making billions of dollars while doing it, having a reality show for more than 20+ years, and monitize the social media like no other, they are certainly elites. They are successful entertainers, celebrities, and savvy entrepreneurs, who have not said or done anything I am aware of that would consider woked, or hypocritical. My point is, why pick on them?

  2. We all deeply appreciate Victor’s insight and amazing encyclopedic recall.
    Victor speaks mostly about time relevant subjects. Getting a current event podcast out 7 days after recording can render some of the material as outdated. A goal should be to get the recordings out in no more than one or two days.

  3. The F-35 and F-22 were designed decades ago. Ivy League grads played a minor role in relation to the overall effort. The F-35A is now about $78M unit cost. Each variant’s cost has decreased considerably and the -A is about the same as older, less capable fighters.
    The RDT&E cost of the still-dominant Raptor ended up being spread over 187 aircraft vice the original 750 requirement. Having proved leap-ahead capabilities during flight test, in some ways, the F-22 was a victim of its own success. How many silver bullets do you really need? It’s still unfortunate that production was capped at such a low number as several times the US military has asked what would it cost to restart. Prior to shut down other countries (e.g., Australia, Japan) lobbied for foreign sales. Alas, officials deemed the weapon system too potent for sharing, even with our most trusted allies.
    I understand your concern with the defense acquisition system and current state of the military-government-industrial complex. However, the Lightning II and Raptor are so effective at their mission that they (especially the -22) have a deterrent effect in-theater. Bad-actor pilots worry there’s an invisible good-guy ingressing at 50,000 feet and Mach 1.7 w-several AIM-120s ready to go. Sometimes, even just the suggestion a Raptor is incoming causes them to get out of Dodge. The working level men and women who conceived, designed, tested, operate, and sustain these systems should be applauded.

  4. In a voice that is calming, VDH, you say what we need to hear (the good and bad) and I am another who does not feel alone when I listen to you. I hate when some of the TV spots cut you off, as we need the full scope of what you have to offer and a snippet is not ever enough.
    Thank you,

  5. $77 for a chicken meal, a meager on at that. Here I thought you to be one of the smartest men on the planet.
    Well, I still to do but you fell a rung or two on that ladder!

  6. It’s such a joy to hear your voice of reason. I’m a contemporary of yours in age and location (Clovis). I pray our state and country can heal from the madness that has infected our fellow citizens. Thank you for sharing your well reasoned views.

  7. Hermina Dykxhoorn

    To continue: From a Canadian fan:
    You can imagine their disappointment at the reaction of their Prime Minister. He refused immediately to meet with them. When asked why, he replied in a cold and calculated way, “I only meet with those whose causes I agree with.” Really? He is supposed to be the Prime Minister of all Canadians. He went on to say that these truckers were, “anti Semitic, transphobes and homophobes, who were waving swastikas” the usual leftist drivel. When I heard his icy cold press statements, my first thought was that they were “Hitlerian”. So when I saw one of the men waving a Canadian flag with a tiny swastika that had been put there with a Sharpie, I assumed this man had the same reaction as I had and had expressed this by putting that hateful symbol there, not because he was actually a Nazi but because he naively thought our Prime minister was acting like one. Of course it was misconstrued and used against them as propaganda. Yet he continued to refuse, becoming more and more cold and calculated as the days went by. For days he went into hiding.
    When he finally reappeared, he continued on about their unpatriotic , marginal, extremist views.
    Then, in his most calculated move he invoked the Emergency Act. The country went into shock.
    The truckers had not done any thing remotely violent or seditious. They did not storm Parliament or harass the Prime Minister or any Members of Parliament or of the Senate. We now await the result. We rely on our Premiers.

  8. Hermina Dykxhoorn

    7 of our 10 Premiers have indicated they believe this action to be unnecessary. Our Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, has announced our province will join with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association against the use of this draconian measure in the courts. Parliament must have a vote to ratify the use of this Act within the next week. We hope the Members will vote against it. The Liberals, having had just 32% of the votes at the last election and need the support of the New Democratic Party, NDP. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has thus far propped up the government. We shall see.

  9. Hermina Dykxhoorn

    Thanks again for your podcasts. They keep us abreast of what an intelligent conservative thinks about your countries present situation. Jack and Hermina Dykxhoorn

    Calgary, Alberta T3H 2H1

  10. I am a builder, and I have NEVER seen a roof that had not been replaced for 150 years, and the building was still standing.
    Ojai, Ca

  11. Buck Owens. From Edison Hwy to Carnegie Hall. Thing about him and Merle was…look where they started, and then look at where they ended up. Buck and Merle were self made men in the greatest sense of the phrase. Between his Buck Owens Ranch Show in the 60s…Hee Haw in the 70s…his recording studio out on Chester Ave…then selling I don’t know how many radio stations to clear channel, he amassed an empire. All while making Nashville come to him. The night of his passing, he was having dinner at his Crystal Palace off 99. He wasn’t feeling well, and canceled a gig he had booked that evening on short notice. On the way out in the parking lot, he met some folks who traveled all the way from Oregon just to hear him play. He didn’t want to disappoint, so he turned around, went back in and mustered up enough grit to get through a coupe of sets. Buck Owens, his music and legacy, are a national treasure. An aside – there is an episode of Huell Howser’s California Gold in Bakersfield. He goes to Pioneer Village, downtown, Woolgrowers Basque Restaurant, Dewars, and hangs with Buck at the Crystal Palace. A must see for fans. They might’ve laughed at old Buck and his band of Okies. The last laugh was his.

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