10 thoughts on “The Eclipse of the Rule of Law and Universities”

  1. I wonder how long it will take people to figure out that if one side can break the law with impunity, the other side will just make sure their targets have no use for light sentences or pardons.

  2. Any advice for grandkids to get an education post high school via internet? for a bright well-mannered grandson working at Micky Ds supper club ,taking sporadic Jr college courses

  3. Victor is correct about problems with college education these days. I am retired from college and university teaching, the final 28 years at Fresno City College, the last 18 in the Honors Program. I was in the Humanities Division and taught English, writing, research, literature, and critical thinking, but I also have a degree in biology and team taught a science colloquium for several years. I had worked out in the world for many years before transitioning to college teaching in my thirties and was known for giving my students “real world” advice and examples when teaching or advising. I loved literature and writing and had a publishing record, but I used to try to steer my students into professions where I knew they would be able to find work and make a living and life for themselves. Too many would go for “easy” degrees or head into professions where I knew good jobs would be few or opportunities would be slim. If they liked art or humanities or English, for example, I would usually explain their future options and suggest they either consider being a school teacher or make their passion their minor and major in something that had a future so they could have a career, a family, a home, etc. Some listened, some didn’t. I still hear from a few that listened and went on to universities in fields where they were able to excel and find good employment when they graduated. A college education isn’t what it used to be. Students and parents need to really consider what is best.

  4. A gripe for you: DeSantis barely won his governorship over a closeted meth head. Trump brought him over the line. When I look at the funding behind Ron – who I like, don’t pounce on me – it is the same interests that funded Jeb!, Little Marco, etc. So, why would DeSantis run now, with 25 years of viability and ownership of FL in his pocket? It is folly to think neocon republican money hasn’t learned from Trump, and are playing their own 4D chess. Disappointed to hear Victor falling into what might be a trap. I say do a deep dive on DeSantis, his backers and funding, tell us who is giving him money and what their agenda might be. I want to believe, to quote the X Files, but things are never what they appear in bizzaro America.

  5. Victor Hanson’s podcasts and conversations should be a must read for any college student and it is an enjoyment for me to listened to his statements representing with clarity everything I believe in. He is extremely eloquent and it is a pleasure to hear him speak!

    1. Mr Hanson, you restore my dignity as reasonable human any time I read your books and articles. I immigrated from soviet block and now I’m experiencing the same suffocating ideological grip I grew up in. It’s far worse bcs it’s glamorized.

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