The Disastrous Effects of Biden’s Economics

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler weigh in on inflation and high prices in the Biden economy. They also discuss the left’s increasing anti Semitism and New York City’s Jewish Museum banning FL Gov Ron DeSantis from a speaking engagement.

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8 thoughts on “The Disastrous Effects of Biden's Economics”

  1. Charles Carroll

    I read that the expulsion of the Hasidic Jews by Lufthansa was a result of an incident on the first leg during which they decided to hold a prayer service/event and refused the flight attendants’ direction to clear the aisles on the airplane. I don’t remember the source; I read a large number of sources but most of them are conservative or non-liberal. Might be worth checking out. If, as a group, these people refused to follow the direction of the flight attendants, then Lufthansa did not want to risk a repeat on the next leg.


    Having just returned to Israel from a short trip to Dubai, I can assure you that all is not lost… the accords are holding strong and will hopefully lead to more… thank you… as always… for your immense knowledge, dot connecting skills and wonderful clarity on the scourge of antisemitism/anti-zionism… shabbat shalom from Caesarea

  3. Biden is the worst president in US history, by a lot. I’m not sure we can survive another 2.5 years of this chaos.

  4. To define Jewish identity in relation to support for Israel is flawed. The Jewish religion is not defined in the context of a modern secular constitutional democracy. Do some people use criticism of Israel as a cover for anti-Semitism, sure, but that doesn’t then mean Jewish identity is necessarily linked with Israel. Nor does being a religious Jew somehow mean one would support Israel more than a secular Jew, you’ll find plenty of religious Jews who oppose Israel purely because of the Talmud.

  5. VDH should replace the vaulted seat of Charles Krauthammer on the Fox Evening News. Both have the same intellect, knowledge of the Middle East, and verbal ability. Bret Behr would do well to have him as a regular on his show. Just as CNN is returning to its roots, VDH on the panel would help Fox News ratings and improve everyone’s lives in the process.

  6. Tracey Anne Nelms

    Professor Hanson, gentleman-farmer nationally reviews us-to-us eloquently, articulately, and wisely. I’m not sure he wants to go ratings slumming…lives are immeasurably improved by this academic mentor if you have more than 3 minutes for education, he has the pods cast and ready.

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