The Destruction of American Cities

VDH and co-host Jack Fowler discuss the left’s destruction of some of America’s greatest cities through their policies and ideology of being light on crime. Also, more Biden family corruption, the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, and the relationship between what the Soviets did with athletes and what we see today with males competing in women’s sports.

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19 thoughts on “The Destruction of American Cities”

  1. [moderator: trying again, fixing the stupid typo]

    Hi Victor,

    I have a theory about the cause of the destruction of our cities, and its solution:

    Ricochet: Saving Our Cities (Part 2)

    Very briefly… half a century of “one party rule” has removed the very essence of a “Functioning Democracy”; the city government can’t be voted out of office, so they have no incentive to do a good job, and an enormous incentive for corruption.

  2. The goal of the marxist thugs is to instill fear and silence the law-abiding occupants of these blue cities. Without consequences or enforcement of the laws, criminals continue this destruction and terror. Criminal gangs now run parts of these cities, much like the cartels are in charge of certain areas of Mexico. I, too, remember a beautiful San Francisco, visiting often in years past. It’s been nearly 10 years ago since my last trip there and I won’t go back. Who would have imagined that our children, and generations after, would be living in a United States that has become like a third world country. I always enjoy your podcast and thank you.

  3. If Jack wants a unique Revolutionary place to visit, he should try the Silas Deane House in Weatherfield CT. Bonus: great ice cream shop just down the street. He can also see the battlefield monument in Danbury to the fighting retreat from New York. If any of his kids are Assassins Creed fans, there’s loads of Israel Putnam stuff too. If walking is his thing, he might like the CT Greenway trails that follow the path of Rochambeau’s army from Hartford on down towards the battle of Yorktown. There used to be an inn in Shelton that had one of his officer’s swords. Revolutionary lore for that town can be found in Jane Deforest Shelton’s “The Saltbox House”. Author’s grave is across the water in Derby.

  4. Charles Carroll

    Tamara Press’ (shotput and discuss) sister was Irina (hurdles). One of my coaches at Navy was Al Cantello, who held the world record for the javelin and who competed in the U.S.-Russian dual track meets. He told several of us that Tamara literally picked him up and said, “It is better to be big and strong than beautiful” and she certainly was the former. Of course she was an early steroid product.


    Just a correction to offer-the USS Constitution’s nickname is “Old Ironsides”, not “Ironside”.
    “Ironside” was a detective series starring Raymond Burr. 😉

      1. Thomas O'Brien

        Just a bit of botanical trivia, James (you may well know this): the term “live oak” is not species specific. It just means it is an oak that is evergreen, rather than deciduous.

        Out here in California we have the beautiful, sprawling, California live oak. And its common name is species specific (Quercus agrifolia). But guess what, it should come as no surprise that it is also an evergreen oak. We have many other species that took the different evolutionary path and are of deciduous.

        1. Didn’t know that! I’ve only encountered “Live Oak” in the South, and people seemed to be explaining it to me (as a Yankee), as if it was a single species. I lived in the L.A. for a while, but they never called it “Live Oak” -just Oak. Thanks!

  6. Thomas O'Brien

    Jack, you hit the nail on the head when asked “Where are the feminists” with regards to the disenfranchisement of women athletes by biological men athletes masquerading as women. I hope that once this “ship is righted” on this issue, these guys will forever live with the public shame they so richly deserve.

    So where are the feminists? This is a question I have been asking for some time. Jack is the first person with a megaphone that I can remember asking it. It needs to be asked over, and over, and over by people that has a soap box on which to stand.

    By doing so, it will show others that this movement is really a sham, much like the NAACP is a sham. Neither stand up for the values they publicly espouse when they run cross ways with the progressive movement. They are not pro women or pro black, as its silence on school choice, and the scores that die each weekend by gun violence in our inner cities show.

    But they are pro progressive (i.e,, marxists).

    Please Jack and Victor, continue to raise this very obvious question: Where are the feminists?

    1. They were told to be good girls and close ranks over abortion and shut up over Bill Clinton. I think that morally compromised the movement and broke the individual fire of all but the TERFs like J.K. Rowling. The TERFs are fighting back hard across the Anglo-Sphere in spite of danger to life and limb.

    2. Quite possibly they are still here. They were leftists mostly. These ignoring biology and Mother Nature today are actually one and the same as the earlier model except with more chrome and trim. It’s just that the game has progressed a bit farther along now and they needed to prioritize for their end game.

  7. Lorenzo Lopopolo

    For Jack Fowler: calling the new Mayor of Chicago a lefty is too kind.
    Here are a few suggestions to enhance our vocabulary.
    Fool, Idiot, Simpleton, Imbecile, Nitwit, Blockhead, Dunce, Dolt, Halfwit, Ignoramus, Clod, Dork, Airhead, Numskull, Witless…

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      According to the new mayor, he in no way justifies the recent Chicago rioting, but out of the other side of his mouth he said it was their “cries for help”.

      Personally, when I saw the video clips of them jumping on police cars and buses, and smashing windows I didn’t get the impression they were crying for help. But, hey, that’s just me.

  8. Black-Biz-Booster Robert Woodson Jr. showed in the Heritage Foundation’s 40th Anniversary commemoration of the Kerner Commission Report on the 1967 post-MLK-Assassination Riots, that in the 1929 Great Depression, Blacks had a higher rate than did whites of biologically intact families (fathers in the home to teach Boyz to B Men). It took the great foundations (Ford & Rockefeller) and NY Mayor John Lindsey to tell Fred Sanford “close up your biz, come down to City Hall to get FREE MONEY”, meanwhile, “we aren’t in the business of paying Black Mothers to have children”, therefore, Black families had to become fatherless matriarchies, with the result that Papa Was a Rolling Stone became the social paradigm with which Chicago & other cities have lived ever since. This was social engineering, the American branch of the 2,750 world oligarchs bringing stable populations to their knees for social control, economy of scale in social management.

    1. Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

      Isn’t it up to 2,753? Let me check…. 2,754! One in ten of them is actually one of us. The rest are conveniently mind-controlled by our R&D department.

      Valusia shall be ours again!

      Serpentor of the Third Circle, Keeper of the Shiny Thing

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