The Democrat Government, Muddling Through

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc as they discuss the John Durham investigation, Ukraine war rhetoric, and our Ministry of Truth.

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6 thoughts on “The Democrat Government, Muddling Through”

  1. You know, I’d believe Victor wanted the Ukrainians to win if he got into the nuts and bolts statistics as Joseph urged him to do in his comment on “Ukraine and Kanye”. I’d also believe it if he even once mentioned the atrocities committed by the Russians: mass murder, intentional bombing of civilians, forced deportations (ethnic cleansing), and whole sale destruction of Ukrainian cultural artifacts (cultural genocide). I’d believe him if he didn’t constantly characterize the Ukrainians as crooks and express nothing but disgust for Zelenskyy. I’d believe it if he didn’t constantly turn the war into a mere talking point about Biden (who I also loathe). Victor is steeped in Thucydides, but the old boy was a hopeless, anti-democratic pessimist who left vast chunks of relevant data out of his history. The fact that Thucydides never finished it gives the game away: things didn’t end the way his analysis demanded they end. Victor is a very forceful critic, but weak on constructive planning. I hope some scribe in later years won’t have to write with a shrug as Victor’s gloomy rants end mid sentence “hucusque Hason”.

  2. No doubts that the Durham investigation has uncovered “conspiracy” and “racketeering,” and it did indeed destroy a presidency; unfortunately Sussman was acquitted in May, and Danchenko was acquitted yesterday, the media claims their was no conspiracy, and there is now even less equal justice in the U.S.

  3. This is a terrific indictment of the FBI and the DoJ. I share Victor’s disgust with the performance art arrests and humiliations that the rank and file of the FBI seem only too willing to conduct. History has shown that once a police force goes down these roads, anything is possible. We mistakenly think of the Gestapo as the agency that was responsible for the outrages of the Third Reich, but the truth is much more ugly. Ordinary policemen participated in the slaughter of innocents in the territories conquered by the Wehracht, and ordinary Germans were guards in the death camps. It took hundreds of thousands of armed men, doing “ordinary” things, to supply and operate the industrialized camps that killed millions of innocents in the socialized utopias of the 20th Century. Live not by lies.

  4. Prof Hanson’s information simply is the Rx for restoring the Liberty loving, free America enshrined in our constitution.

    However, I would love a short bio on Ms. Winc! Her patient, enjoyable MC’ing of this presentation venue is a delight.

    If nothing else, please share with her my appreciation of her part in bfinging us Dr. Hanson’s wonderful insights.

    Kindest Regards,


    1. Ah! The mystery of Ms. Winc has long animated the darker sections of this site. I can only tell you what has been pieced together with infinite pains!

      Sami Winc, 17th Countess Lehktor, Daughter of Zeus, She Who Holds Sunnybrook Farm in Temenos:

      Swept 1/3 of the podcasts from heaven after a 3 day air guitar battle with Jack in which the Eagle of Small Government elected her following a 6 hour rendition of Free Bird that blew the heads off several Hoover staff members

      It is rumored that she is the actual source of the Hunter Biden laptop after she infiltrated his powdered donut factory lair and left him sprawled amid the ruins of his gold pyramid and Panthers 80s power coffee table.

      Ms. Winc is rumored to look like Jenna Fischer with red-rimmed rhinestone librarian glasses, but no one knows since she always podcasts with a paper bag over her head.

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