The Culturalist: Modesty and Humility

Victor Davis Hanson talks to Sami Winc about the new culture of current events, William T. Sherman and Odysseus. It all leads to everyone according to their station is needed to turn things around.

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1 thought on “The Culturalist: Modesty and Humility”

  1. Props to Sami for a delightful and informative new format. Like the Oracle, Victor can speak in riddles and sometimes needs an interpreter for we mere mortals who “hear only the kleos and know nothing.” I must also challenge your West Coast chauvinism! CA is a desert that shakes itself to pieces when it isn’t burning itself down. The yeomen farmers will always have my sympathy, but it’s the loathsome unrealities of Hollywood and Big Tech that put it on the map. New England, on the other hand, is a verdant paradise that doesn’t require an elaborate water system to work. It still sports many a yeoman farmer, has actual seasons, and is full of 400 years of grace, beauty, and wisdom brought Elendil-like by the men of the West. (End rant). In a less petty note, I loved the little riff on the Odyssey. To add, I think it’s important to remember that Odysseus distrusts his gods because he should! They are not omnipotent, omniscient, and omni-benevolent. They’re much more like Zack Schneider’s Justice League 8n the Odyssey and Alan Moore’s Watchmen in the Iliad. A wise Greek works the gods and quietly walks away (until Aeschylus at least…).

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