The Culturalist: Liberty and Equality

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

Victor Davis Hanson discusses with Sami Winc the conflict between liberty and equality in history and in the present.

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14 thoughts on “The Culturalist: Liberty and Equality”

  1. While I am a regular, and appreciative, listener I have two suggestions to enhance the quality of this podcast. First, there is always distracting background noise presumably coming from Sami Winc’s end of things (as I never notice it with Jack Fowler). It sounds as if she or someone else is moving things around on a desk or cutting something. And, the fellow who does the voice overs for the advertisements at the start of each show (Alaskan sea food, etc…) needs to be told how to pronounce “reputable” and “monger” (as in fish monger). It is incongruous to hear such poor English given how articulate are both the hosts and Victor.

  2. Wonderful podcast, as usual. Victor, I am 8 years older than you, but we grew up with the same cultural influences in the 50’s and 60’s – both positive and negative ones. At age 75, I have never felt so dispirited about our country’s chances of righting the ship and getting back to what Charles Murray recently termed “The American Creed”. This was something everyone intrinsically once understood and viscerally supported, but no longer. Your TV appearances and writings are some of the lone encouraging signs in this regard, along with Hillsdale. where I take on-line courses, and I am so appreciative of your tireless efforts. Simply wanted to say say thank you for continuing to fight the good fight.

  3. Thank you professor Hanson for being one of the few voices indicating that the way out of this dark cave of totalitarianism. I am part of a small minority of Americans who are descendants of East Asian Confucian influenced immigrants who came to this country in the 20th century because of various historical circumstance, (Famine in Guongdong, dismissal of the samurai class in Japan, the Yangban social destruction of the Korean war, rise of Communism in China and Vietnam, and in particular for my own family the annexation of the Ryukyu Kingdom by Japan). What many Americans do not realize is the high scores as exhibited by East Asians is not by chance but by will – the will of parents to see their children succeed. Succeed in a society of meritocracy, willingness to fail and succeed through hard work. As you point out, egalitarianism is not synonymous with full economic parity; and it is a false hope to believe that materialistic rewards can be meted without discipline, talent and toil.

  4. You might want to check the functionality behind “The Victor Davis Hanson Show” section of your page. I used to be able to click on that and get to a point where I could download podcasts. Now, when I do, I just get the underlying html code displayed. This happens on multiple browsers on multiple computers. Thanks.

    1. We are working on a better interface with the podcasts. I am fixing this one so that a playable version comes up here. When we get everything fixed, it will be playable on the front page. Thanks for the comments. Sami

  5. Adding to the comment above, seems every time I go to listen to Victor Hanson podcast it is more and more difficult to play. Now I can’t play them at all. I haven’t been able to play a podcast for 2-3 weeks. I dread even checking anymore because it is such a disappointment.

  6. I haven’t been able to get a podcast to play since I paid for my membership. Some tell me that I need an RSS reader, got one, but podcasts still don’t play. Please get this straight. Thank you.

  7. Who is Sami Winc? What is her current position? What is her background? What does she look like? How did she and VDH meet?

    1. Juliet Vasquez

      Ditto, here. I was furious with this nobody, when she stopped Prof. Hanson from one of his best rants ever about the GOP fighting back in Feb 2023. Her comment to stop the rant was so damn RINOesque, I wanted to puke. She actually stopped the rant saying, “Victor you can’t fight back like that or there will be no time to save the country”. What the hell does this woman think is going to save the damn country, being nice to commies?

      1. Actually, she does a marvelous job of keeping the conversation moving forward. If I just want to hear a rant, I will go elsewhere. And, I don’t care who she is. She has demonstrated tremendous patience with Victor’s post Covid impatience and occasional myopia.

  8. Hello Greg and Professor Hanson. I am an Italo-American, the son of post WWII Italian emigrants, same age as you, Greg. I have long held the view that my success in life was principally due to the life guidance given to me by my peasant class immigrant parents.
    Victor, I know, as a fellow grape grower, you will appreciate my dad’s favorite phrase: “as the tree is staked, so it will grow”. Loss of the family unit, loss of a spiritual ten commandments life guide, and the embodiment of the sixties’ “if it feels good do it” mentality has led to today’s development of a pre-civilizational life style.
    Success is not accidentally found or routinely gifted, it is earned.
    Thank you Victor for ‘telling it as it is”. I love your podcasts!

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