The Culturalist: Great Leaders in History

Or Men Who Freed Slaves

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

Victor Davis Hanson with his cohost Sami Winc discuss the life and legacy of the Theban general of the 4th century BC Epamenondas and Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman.

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3 thoughts on “The Culturalist: Great Leaders in History”

  1. Raymond. Evans

    Victor. I think you are an Amazing Patriotic American. However. For any of us to remain American Constitutional loving Patriots. How in this pickle of Democratic Cross-hairs we’re in …
    ( Pres-OBiden ,House , & Senate ). Is the a way can we demand a fair election next year… providing the country survives until Nov 2022.
    Is there a way????

    Thank you kind sir… for your efforts & response?
    Sincerely Raymond Evans, Loveland, CO

  2. Just listened to the podcast about the movie Zulu Had to stop the podcast. Watched a movie for the fourth time, then restart the podcast. Great movie.

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