The Culturalist: Election Special

Victor Davis Hanson reflects on the Tuesday (Nov. 2) election results in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York with cohost Sami Winc.

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5 thoughts on “The Culturalist: Election Special”

  1. I was an air force combat volunteer during the Vietnam war
    An auto mechanics son with a BFA producing graphics for the Disney Imagineers till I retired
    See Steve’s Miracles 1&2 on YouTube to see me and God gifting me in your life!
    I am your age.
    I have followed you Mr Hanson for decades because your commentaries are uplifting to right thinking people like Christs words to a fallen world!
    Run for President and save the world!
    Thanks are not enough!!!
    There are no words to express our appreciation for your hard work!!!!❤️😉🎶🎶🎶

  2. I appreciated Sami’s point at 21:30 that the obvious narrative that will be pushed in the coming year is that the very poverty and dysfunction that permeates our inner-city ghettos is “proof” that the institutionalized racism that existed in the South sixty years ago continues to plague our society. Further, this will be embellished with “systemic” and other characteristics that are not observable, such a “micro-aggressions”. This nonsense is foundational in the support of the BLM’s violence and anarchy, and the rest of progressive agenda. This sort of “logic” may be “deductive” in your (VDH’s) terms, but it is simply faulty

  3. Thomas Sowell has spoken eloquently in an interview with Peter Robinson ( about his childhood in Harlem and how the community he grew up in has been destroyed. This is what has actually happened in inner cities all across the U. S. in the sixty years following the imposition of the “War on Poverty”. Thus the violence and chaos we experience have nothing to do with micro-aggressions or systemic psychobabble. To attribute the progressive nonsense to “deductive logic” is to miss the target. There is no logic in the progressive agenda.

  4. Hopefully (?) our Republican candidates will challenge this faulty analsyis with the truth. Our cities have abandoned any pretense of protecting the property and even the lives of those who live in middle- or lower class neighborhoods, and our inner-city schools no longer produce literate graduates who are capable of finding productive employment. These are institutional problems, and their solution is to breakup the financially powerful political monopoly that controls our schools and cities. And listening once again to this interview, I can see that you are focused on providing guidance and coaching to those who would hope to oppose this nonsense. Your ammunition is of the right calibre, the question is whether our prospective leaders can use it.

  5. Ok, before you spew any more vitriol at New England and the Puritans, I want to know what you’ve read. What primary source work have you done on New England Puritanism or the N.E. Abolitionists? Have you covered the basics of the secondary literature? Any David D. Hall or John Putnam Demos? Where do you get your support for the idea of Western American pragmatism? The narrative I’ve encountered is that the Americam West is a deal between beaten Confederates, Jewish film-makers, and irreligious utopianists who didn’t want to deal with the religion and traditions and bigotry of Old New England. Is that narrative wrong? Too simple? Spare us the West-Coast jingoism unless you can prove that they’re Theban hoplites and not Christ-less Quakers!

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