The Culturalist: Afghanistan and Mr. Blame-Game

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

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10 thoughts on “The Culturalist: Afghanistan and Mr. Blame-Game”

  1. Why haven’t Biden and his admin been removed yet? Why werent the Dems stopped before they enacted a hostile takeover of our govt? Because the corruption is so widespread. I have heard several people mention court martial. NOW! I want to hear that he and his lowlifes are being removed. I hear hand wringing chit chat from people on the news. The only thing they should be discussing is his and his admins immediate removal. Demanding it. I see thousands of poor people, criminals and terrorists being airlifted to safety and comfort in OUR country, Germany, Australia and more. Private airlines immediately engaged so more poor, anonymous Afghans can be imported more quickly at a greater rate. And Biden says, “Americans have no priority.” We know. That’s the Democrat party slogan. They opened the prisons. The Dems want to import more poor, volatile, anonymous trouble making migrants. There are millions of middle class in Afghanistan. I dont see them lining up to get out. And how did these people get to the airport if our people cant?? I think they were given advanced notice. Job 1 for the Dems is to import more migrants. I saw other Afghans in the streets celebrating Afghan Independence Day, holding up an enormous Afghan flag in defiance of the Taliban. They werent at the airport. More treasonous behavior on the part of the Left/ RINOs. Why were people clinging to the plane? I think it is naive to think that they are regular people desperate to leave. More likely, criminals who want to escape to the West. Where are Mitt Romney, Eric Swalwell, McConnell, Brennan, Pelosi,Schumer, military generals now to, “weigh in?” They shot off their vicious, corrupt mouths at every chance to attack President Trump for every great thing he did. Best president ever!❤Silence now. All the corrupt, immoral punks are quiet.

  2. Dr. Hanson,
    Thank you for your recent upswing in podcasts, editorials and general content provided to we Americans who are in utter despair. Specific to your last words of this podcast, it is well past time for any of us to remain sober and judicious in our approach to calling out the utter disaster that has befallen this once great country. The corruption in all of our institutions seems bottomless, and I don’t have a lot of confidence that we can turn this around before it is too late. A “woke” military leadership may be the final nail in the coffin of our great experiment of a representative republic.

  3. Your thought that sticks with me is the reality that’s it’s corrupt. The military industrial intelligence complex is corrupt. The political class is corrupt. Very difficult to recover from this high-level corruption.

    At least, you would expect resignations. My parents taught me if you make a mistake, admit it ! Resignations should be on the horizon.

  4. Charles Carroll

    Security clearances should be pulled, as a matter of process, as soon as the incumbent leaves the billet requiring it. It is a “need to know” item. There is a difference between clearances and the background investigations that support them. Should a person be placed into a billet that requires a given clearance thereafter, it can be quickly reinstated unless the background investigation is older than some given time-frame. And then a quick “catch-up” background investigation can be executed. As a matter of history, when I transferred from Headquarters, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic to Headquarters Marine Corps (a more senior headquarters), my clearance was downgraded from Top Secret/NATO Cosmic to Secret because that was the level I needed in my new billet.

  5. Excellent commentary with your usual historical flare. Loved the comparisons to the previous empires attempts. And no VDH, you were not overly hyperbolic. You were simply focused. Yhanks…..

  6. John Manspeaker

    No apology needed, Mr. Hanson. There is a time to be sober and judicious and there’s a time to be pissed off. We are in the latter and it seems to be getting worse by the day. Carry on.

  7. Dear Dr. Hanson,

    You discuss Joe Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco without even mentioning Donald Trump’s prior decision to withdraw, his shameful negotiations with the Taliban, his strong-arming the Afghan government into releasing 5,000 hard-core bandits from prisons. With such glaring omissions, how is your discussion complete, or fair, or balanced?

    Thank you.

  8. Be nice to Sammi! You can’t talk about being for women’s rights and then steam roll the woman you’re talking to.

  9. Dear Dr. Hanson…we LOVE you even when you are not “sober and judicious and professional”!! You give voice to our deepest thoughts and prayers brother! May we turn this trial into triumph…

  10. When Trump said that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan to keep terrorists out of Russia. Since Trump’s cavalier statement, I have had no respect for his foreign policy ‘thinking’. The past is prologue, so FIRST criticize Biden’s “mercurial” (your term) predecessor.

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