The Culturalist: A New Age Is Born?

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and Virgil’s Eclogue IV.

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5 thoughts on “The Culturalist: A New Age Is Born?”

  1. I think a good way to draw the two parts of this show together is to remember that Teddy Roosevelt said “we stand at Armageddon and we battle for the Lord.” He may have been a New Yorker, but he had that old Puritan New England religious vision, even in a very secularized form, that gave him the belief that things could change for the better and that because “the arc of history inflects toward Justice,” it’s always worth fighting the good fight and not settling to write fascist propaganda for Augustus because at least he keeps the peace (something Virgil’s better side always revolted against). The Christian genius, even if accidental, was to embrace the portion of Eclogue 4 that seems to crib from Isaiah and by moving a perfect society to The End of the Age, give hope even in defeat to all who push for a better world (c.f. Tolkien’s glosses on the Lord of the Rings as well as Tom Shippey’s comments on the eschatological overtones of the ending of Return of the King).

    Btw. Who is the Great Sami Winc? She does a great job bringing out the best Victor has to offer in the format of the show and the content of her “push-back” questions (see Nagy “Diction and Theme in those Odd Podcasts of VDH the Grad Students all Seem to be Triggered About). There is a rumor going around that she got the job by challenging Jack Fowler to an electric guitar battle that lasted 3 days until Sami busted out with a 6 hour rendition of Free Bird that caused several Hoover members’ heads to explode and

    1. …Shattered Jack’s guitar in flaming sparks from which arose the Eagle of Small Government screaming its cry of Freedom and alighting on Sami’s head as the sign that she would host the 3rd VDH podcast.

  2. After Virginia..please point out…it took establishment AND MAGA..working and voting together to win election…this is crucial to keep winning and save America!! We need reminders victor…mif you don’t mind…….and by the way…any autumn travel plans this year??We would love a visit in Wisconsin (very pretty this time of year) Hope all is well……

    Wisconsin Friends

  3. Thank you! A good sidekick is able to bring a great mind to expound on specific points so that lessers minds are able
    to better understand the topic of discussion. The contributions of Sami and Jack are invaluable.

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