The Cry Racism: Will It Go the Way of MeToo

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about the Left’s racialized policies and agenda and the impact on the coming elections. VDH also explains his writing of three more books at the end.

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14 thoughts on “The Cry Racism: Will It Go the Way of MeToo”

  1. So, the answer to Sami’s question is that elites masked their agenda and appealed to voters on other issues to make a winning majority. Ok.

    Do they also increase their numbers because the middle and especially upper middle classes have to play along with elite systems and prejudices if they are to have any hope of advancing themselves into the ranks of the elite? I’ve seen that a bit with first generation grad students. Add that to those who simply feel they have no place in the conservative movement or that it is inimical to them and that adds up to a heap of votes before you bring in entitlements for the urban poor.

    P.s. Sami is already making good on her Alexander promise (slay on child of Zeus!) Also, I respect Victor because I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard an academic apologize when they didn’t have someone making them do it.

    1. Hi Rodney,
      You were probably a subscriber to the old site. We put all those subscribers on the new site. You can use your email and then just click “Forgot Password” (or whatever it says) and the system will send a new password to you. I will also send your email to the webmaster who will reach out to you. Sami Winc

  2. Dear Victor Davis Hanson, I want to first say that you are a national treasure especially re your brilliant assessment of our nations current politics and national security challenges. The reason that station of American politics I believe is aimed at one simple factor – – turning out huge majorities black voters particularly in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit. This is designed of course to win the presidency as well as whatever Senate races may be in the relevant states of Pennsylvania Georgia Wisconsin and Michigan. The Democratic national committee and their various media allies as well as huge numbers of public policy organizations, put onto social media racialized videos calling attention to supposed discrimination against black people. In addition there is a never ending stream of Calamie aimed at former President Trump particularly that he’s going to jail for some criminal activity having to do with his real estate business. I learned this from my gardener in Handyman who is Black gentleman I have known for nearly 40 years and is now convinced that the entire country was built on the back of black labor, exploited during and after slavery, and still to this day dominated by white racism.In any given week he can send me dozens of short videos on social media and YouTube from the national drive-by media making these claims. It is a heavy-handed campaign but nonetheless clever and it’s saturates now everything. Great society has cost $26 T!

  3. VDH,
    What I love about. You is You are the real deal!

    Hard working salt of the earth kinda guy who just happens to be an intellect.

    So , my two cents: we Ned to shift immediately into action that is positive and uplifting.
    For a turn around to occur and to create th strongest America possible, we have to adapt and move away from negativity
    Even though there is so much to complain about.
    If we do this in 2022, a red tsunami will be unstoppable.
    Learn from Reagan. Let the other side destroy their party and attract the moderate and independents like 1980 w the Reagan Democrats.
    Talk about the things we can do and run from the things we cannot.
    Lone Conservative Republican in Washington DC

  4. The attraction of “elite” university graduates in the past rested largely on the screening of applicants for admission as undergraduates. There was little that Harvard could to 4.0 high school valedictorians with high college board scores that would diminish their value to future employers. This was fundamental. This process began to be corrupted in the 1990s when the aptitude testing institutions began to add “corrections” to the scores (200 points for the SAT initially). Eventually they changed the format of the tests so that comparisons were not possible with the tests administered in the past. Your focus on the likely impact on the quality of the educational experience under the pressures of “racial equality” misses this point. Future graduates will not be assumed to be high quality applicants simply because they aren’t. I thought you presented some extremely prescient observations in your book “Mexifornia”. Despite living in the cauldron, you were able to deal logically with the coming demographic changes. I sense that you may be more personally insulted by the debasement of our university system. Your predictions about the coming problems have a more poignant flavor. My guess is that we are seeing the collapse of the university system. And this is due just as much to their dependence upon Federal funding as the nonsense demanded by their Federal masters. Universities should be independent. Despite generous endowments, they are not.

  5. Dear David
    Have you read any of Dr Kent Wessinger Books?
    If you want your eyes opened to the future of the US.
    Pick up one.
    It will change your view of the next generation.

  6. The rewards of being pro-black and anti-traditional white preceded the rich’s adoption of Woke ideology. They went for no consequences and virtue after someone or something had established that Woke beliefs represented virtue and would cost them nothing in terms of their position.

    So the question is who or what made traditional white culture a shameful thing that could be criticized but not defended? Who or what made blacks almost above if not immune to criticism? Who or what forced whites to be always apologetic and unable to take their own side in a fight?

    Well, the who is difficult, but the what is easy to pinpoint — the 1964 Civil Rights Law. The law that forced white Republicans and independents to have to voice racial views to the left of Hubert Humphrey’s to be allowed on conservative platforms, run a business or have a job in a university.

    A law that Victor Davis Hanson supported, like his idol the socialist Martin Luther King, whom Hanson still even today can’t help quoting every other podcast.

    1. King only channeled Marxism and Liberalism (unlike his father, if I remember correctly)because no one else would support his research as a doctoral student or help him frame his cause as an activist. This is a damming indictment of religious and political conservatives at the time. Had they had their house in order, Dr. King may have approached things from a more conservative angle. This was true of the whole era. The IRA and Sinn Fein were Marxist because only marxism was supplying a rational for freeing Ireland from centuries of brutal colonial experiments. Ditto Uncle Ho, ditto Chiang Kai Shek (Mao went for it lock stock and barrel while Chiang shopped around).

  7. And let’s talk some more about books…and specifically…books that didn’t sell..

    Cmon man
    .we’re here for the good stuff…

    Wisconsin friends.

  8. Victor, you’re a hammer…a SLEDGE HAMMER…you hit the nail on the head every time! My new hero, amongst a few.
    Harold in Matoaca

  9. I really enjoy listening to this podcast with Sami Winc as cohost. And, I feel it has gotten better when Victor lets Sami complete her thought on a question or a challenge. I am still not convince the cry of racism/wokeism is strictly an Elitist concoction. It maybe a con job, but it’s quite effective. I was at a church the other day, there was a group of 5 kids and one of the kid’s mom (they are all the same race, including the mom) said, “You guys all look alike”, and her son mockingly reply, “Mom, you are a racist.” I was shocked. Does being a racist still carry the meaning of Jim Crow, KKK or does it just mean prejudice in 2022? I was taught the evil of racism is at the same level as rapist, and molester. I am certain this kid would not call her mom a child molester in public.

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