The Classicist: Squeezing the Lemon

Victor Davis Hanson talks with Jack Fowler about blue state/red state disparity, 2020 rioters who got what they wanted and all the chaos too, the January 6 Commission, the Steele interview, and California’s ban on small engines.

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2 thoughts on “The Classicist: Squeezing the Lemon”

  1. Prof. Hanson, at 7:30 in this conversation you mentioned that you were headed for Seattle later in the week. I trust that you are now “safe” back home. I hope you will let us know what yourwere doing. My wife and I would have enjoyed seeing you in person, but can we hope for another podcast? Seattle is a wasteland, as you explained. And there are few generally compelling reasons for enduring the tyranny of Inslee. That said, I’m sure you would appreciate our Museaum of Flight. They have a B-29 that you and walk around, and there is some indication that a tour of the interior might be possible. Perhaps after the Covid mask mandates expire they will open the hatch and let people see the interior. For my wife’s birthday (11 years ago) we took a flight on the Collings Foundation B-17 that crashed and burned two years ago. That was a remarkable experience. Windy, noisy, crowded and obviously somewhat risky. It was definitely worth the risk as we can now appreciate what our parents endured in WWII over Europe. Thank you for your podcasts, and best wishes.

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