The Classicist: World War II Reconsidered

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

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2 thoughts on “The Classicist: World War II Reconsidered”

  1. The Battle of CRETE is seminal in its importantce to the victory of Soviet Russia against the Nazis. However, it is not the Brits that suffered the most but the heroic Greek people who died resisting the brutality of Nazis. The elderly, children, women, etc. all participated in the resistence and paid the price. Brits were secondary to that effort. Ten percent of the Greek Christian population perished in the most horrendous ways: in concentration camps, in burning churches, in executions of whole villages, etc.
    Stop minimizing the sacrifices of Christian Balkan people and all Christians in the second great war.

  2. Topic: Winter War Finland/USSR
    Thesis: That the war was a sham to prevent Germany from attacking the Kola peninsula.
    Reasons: Mannerheim was leader of the White Russians and thus almost certainly controlled opposition, ie. “The Trust”. The feigned difficulty of the war prevented Germany from entertaining an attack through Finland. Had Germany attacked and blockaded the Kola peninsula USSR could never resupply. No allied supplies.
    Regard that almost countries in WWII (UK, US, Germany,Japan (Sorge), Iran) had been penetrated or controlled by USSR agents. Finland was a neighbor.

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