The Classicist: What They Won’t Talk About

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler analyze what real anti-racism might look like and the ins and outs of the existence of a “Facebook.”

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3 thoughts on “The Classicist: What They Won't Talk About”

  1. Roubini, Hanson, Trueman, Attenborough: The four horsemen of the Apocalypse – they are stating the obvious, (Too much debt and continued government spending, a collapse of democracy, accountability and meritocracy, the collapse of the family and traditional Christian values and runaway consumption and a human population stuck in a frightening Fibonacci series). But why aren’t people listening. Where is reason? Where is leadership? All these patterns indicate catastrophe. Why are so many willing to be led off the cliff like lemmings? The Democratic Party and their Axis partners are telling lies and making policies that are so obviously ruinous. It’s like the avatars for Biden and Pelosi, Charlie Brown and Lucy promising to fly high with a cement kite (To quote the late Ric Ocasek). Oh well, nothing a massive economic depression won’t solve, I guess.

  2. Rose-Marie Fiske

    Schools have stopped teaching history. Even in my high school in the 80s you only needed 1 history credit to graduate. Given a choice between American History and Civics. I didn’t even know what Civics was, I liked history, and someone told me Civics was hard. Years later having found out what Civics was, I realized the importance of both and how they should both be mandated for graduation. No wonder these college kids are so ignorant, they don’t even understand how our government works.
    The lack of history is why they can rush blindly off the cliff, they have no knowledge of the many civilizations before us that started down this same road to destruction. Their only frame of reference is the civil war and slavery. The media and democrats have convinced them we have made no progress. So they feel we need another civil war, another proclamation, another civil rights movement to end injustice. They pursue what they believe to be a noble end. Not realizing they are creating the murder of the founder’s nation.

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