The Classicist: Unappealing Agendas

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the Left’s unappealing agendas: military contracts, messaging, asymmetrically applied law, policy on crime, and moral superiority complex. Given all that, they end on the erosion of the Hispanic support for the Left.

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3 thoughts on “The Classicist: Unappealing Agendas”

  1. The WOKE community have imagined themselves thoroughly into a full blown psychosis .
    Their conditioned response attacking and minimizing those they define as dominant lesser beings is entirely made up, extremely antisocial and rude. They have become too occupied judging and attacking in all directions to to acknowledge where they have gotten themselves too or what it means . Their indoctrination was cleverly designed to be difficult for the common mind to unravel.
    They don’t understand their live’s philosophies and beliefs have been co-opted by insidious smarter minds making up ideas that are half truths and lies . They have been intentionally deafened to reason, damaged and left adrift …….

  2. Thank you Dr. Hanson
    Your input has been near my own on most subjects, on this military issue it is spot on. Being a parent of a military service member I have had a change of heart. Duty of service is to enforce the law when the law and government for which you serve is corrupt then what do they defend the citizens, the government the democracy?
    How do we enforce equal enforcement of the law? Great show Sir keep up the good work.

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