The Classicist: Reflections on Unsustainable Pathologies

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk over the Holmes-Theranos case, demonization of immunologist Robert Malone, the pathology of the ungracious generation, truths and lies of 2021, and reflections on Victor’s diverse childhood community.

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4 thoughts on “The Classicist: Reflections on Unsustainable Pathologies”

  1. Tell Jack not to apologize for inserting his Catholicism or New Yorkism or generally deferential and kind personality into the podcast. He balances Victor out (as does Sami, 17th Countess Lekhtor, she who holds Sunnybrook Farm as temenos). A good co-host creates good conversation by playing off the host and vice versa. Many of us like Victor’s Fellowship and appreciate what it brings out in Victor. Even Achilles had his Patroklos and Pheonix, Frodo has Sam and Smeagol, Hannibal has his Abigal and Will.

    P.s. if I’m to be judged by group, I’d like to be judged as an Irish-American. That’s sin enough and glory enough for anyone.

  2. In the early nineties I was a high-schooler in a suburban an hour north of Atlanta. There were many “latino/armenian/greek” students among my peers. The only thing ethnic about them was their last names. They all were absent of accents, and no one ever considered them anything but “white”. There was no cultural BS going on, we were all Americans. Now these same peers embrace their special ethnic status on FB, to the point where you would think they just came off of the boat. Very sad, really. I expected better from my then rebellious Gen X peers. But then again, I am self educated and they are esteemed graduates from esteemed universities.

  3. It would prove interesting to learn who exactly lost money on Theranos – my guess is Rep. Pelosi’s portfolio took a hit on what everyone in NY and DC believed was a “sure thing.”

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