The Classicist: Our Unfit

Listen to VDH and Jack discuss the unfit governor Newsom, president Biden, and US military generals. The segment concludes with a discussion of Classics.

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2 thoughts on “The Classicist: Our Unfit”

  1. VDH;
    My book deals with the sources of foreign influence in Washington and the Cabinet positions of multiple administrations both Democrat and Republican. It further outlines the associated macroeconomics of globalism. I am anxious to find a review from someone who’s views I respect. I would be more than happy to pay for your critique. Globalization or Democracy is on Amazon.

  2. Thanks for acknowledging that gender/class/race are legitimate fields of study in classics. I’d poke, if I could, to name more names (mentioning Eidolon and Padilla Peralta was appreciated) since I have an extremely hard time believing that all the practitioners of Theory are hacks who haven’t produced any real insight.

    To be a little more cynical than this segment, I think one dirty secret in classics is that the rise in numbers of female classicists is linked to misogyny: when a field is considered worthless it becomes ok as “women’s work”. On an even more cynical note, our mysogonist culture makes female grad students easier to buly, exploit and prey upon in a formerly prestigious, now dying, field run by entitled old white men who want “the goods” they were implicitly promised before the deluge hits.

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