Victor Davis Hanson Show

The Classicist: Now What?

Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Jack Fowler discusses Putin’s Russia and losing deterrence, criminals targeting the stores of the wealthy, 2022 election predictions, and why citizens are leaving Blue states for Red.

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4 thoughts on “The Classicist: Now What?”

  1. This has the wisdom we need–if only his wisdom could permiate the MSM! We can only hope!
    Thank you Dr. Hanson

  2. A voice in the wilderness………The plethora of institutional crime is there to see. The first that stands our is the media, followed closely by the universities. The Big Lie is swallowed by those in power. Thought and the questioning mind has been “doped.” The “decline and fall” of the American experiment in governance seems inevitable. From its ashes a phoenix will rise, hopefully learning from the voice, and writings of VDH.

  3. Robert William Humphreys

    A Blue Confederacy protected by a WOKE Democrat machine. Dreadful education for the disadvantaged to ensure that the poor remain poor and on the plantation.

  4. Listen to this man! His “sober and judicious” insights are rooted in historical reality – empirical data – “muscular” common sense. Thank you, sir. May God multiple your influence.

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