The Classicist: Gruesome Newsom and Drossy Joe

Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler talk about the California recall, his new book “The Dying Citizen” coming out October 5, and Biden’s drossy touch.

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10 thoughts on “The Classicist: Gruesome Newsom and Drossy Joe”

  1. Victor is right .
    Newsom is responsible for smoke filled air; burnt forests; negligent water management, shortages;
    Rolling power outages; high gas taxes and minimal road repair .
    All of these failures belong to Gavin Newson . Californians should vote to recall and remove him for his failures, failed ideas, and lack of leadership .
    If you don’t like his list of failures, VOTE HIM OUT !
    Hang these conditions around his neck and let them take him down .

  2. With the Democrats in control of (everything, including) voting in California, there is little chance that Newsom will be recalled, even if the actual vote is 90% to remove him.

  3. The Bible says Deuteronomy 16:18 “Dont recognize faces and dont take a bribe because the bribe will blind the eyes of the wise and distort the words of the righteous”. Biden has received so many bribes that wisdom has been totally undone

  4. VDH
    Please note that it appears that the Biden Administration has given up their attempt to direct agricultural aid ONLY to certain racial and ethnic groups. This clearly racist policy was challenged in several courts and it looks to be dead on arrival.

  5. Gregg A Schluntz

    Clearly, Victor Davis Hanson has followers, but each column seems to become more disconnected with reality. Hanson clearly has never been to Vietnam (before or after our chemical warfare) or
    Afghanistan to see the results of our Jingoism…of course he comes out of his dreams of leading some Roman Army or something…I can’t figure what he is trying to accomplish…It sure isn’t trying to solve any problems.
    1. Afghanistan was totally wrong as the only thing we had a “right to do” was bomb training camps as all the terrorist’s came from or were part of the Wahhabi extremists from Saudi Arabia.
    2. Newsom is far from perfect but look at the things that were absolutely set up by white Republicans in this state (I’m a white Republican…Eisenhower type, remember Ethics and Truth) and now we are dealing with that (i.e Emigration designed by Reagan which tried to break the Labor Unions for farm workers…p.s. I worked on an Oklahoma farm.)
    3. You need to stop using WOKE…and yes, due to the incredible Russian influence into our pathetically secure Internet and the number of “unwoke” white nationalists have created a condition of possible death of the Democratic…
    4. Yes, many excellent things are a result of Western Culture BUT fact is and still not recognized is the Western White Cult of civilization did enslave every country we went into and especially all people of color.
    Listening now as Victor carefully bounds around the facts and extremes to prove a point that misses the concept of a solution to the awful fact of the total polarization.
    We are trying to recover from the absolutely worst period in history under Trump an absolute crook was an Absolute Treasonous selfish sell America agenda.
    Trump was absolutely mentally ill and I’m afraid you seem to had been infected.
    What are you trying to solve…Trump was a complete f…up and maybe Hunter too but what are you trying to solve?! Trump sold the Presidency and now Biden is a Socialist…what do we do to solve this!!

    1. Sorry, this is the only thing I was left with after reading these two lengthy posts.
      “We are trying to recover from the absolutely worst period in history under Trump an absolute crook was an Absolute Treasonous selfish sell America agenda”.
      Absolutely the deepest diagnosis produced by an absolute confusion of a grandfather who absolutely never recovered from TDS and is accusing others of being mentally ill (about 75 million of us who voted for Trump).

  6. Gregg A Schluntz

    It is hard to be moderate these days as I have Grandchildren who have “awoken” to the hideous mess we’ve created and are now passing to their solution (if it is even possible). Standing around criticizing with no Root Cause Analysis by competent people who (Like I Just Did) only come up with “facts” about how totally incompetent the last Presidents have been doesn’t get to the root of our problems. Saying, “Woke” over an over as if this is a mantra of fixedness is not recognizing the real problems of value and pay for WORK, value and pay for all the 50% of our nation that are severely disadvantaged by working all the jobs “native Americans” don’t want to do and then putting them down as they are “just poor due to their inherent capabilities”…whether they be white or immigrant or illegal! We must take each problem and without super lib or extreme right tropes set values and expected outcomes that ensure any skill worth requesting will be hired at fair wages and transparent to ethnics or color. Solutions to analysis and clearly communicated to all.

    1. Richard Saunders

      I’m not going to respond to this silly, demented, and non-factual attack on President Trump and western civilization. I will simply say to the Californians on this site, we are the highest taxed state in the country, and our roads are sh*t, our schools are sh*t, our dams are sh*t, our bridges are sh*t, our business climate is sh*t, our power grid is sh*t, our water system is sh*t, our forest management is sh*t, our homeless situation is sh*t, and there’s a lot of other things in our state that are sh*t. Recall Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew!

  7. Victor is a national treasure. Thank you for your clear-eyed, sober take on the topics that puzzle and concern us most as Americans.

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