The Classicist: Getting Real

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

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7 thoughts on “The Classicist: Getting Real”

  1. Historically, by cutting out “regular” people from the military & police (M&P), the people who come to staff these organizations do not consider the regular populace worth protecting or serving. From this is developed a domestically created occupying oppressor with no remorse nor compunction for or to killing and robbing the regular population for their own benefit.

    Think that I’m kidding? Using PUBLIC RECORDS Peter Schweizer has written several books on the corruption of individual members of congress and how they, and the likes of Bill & Hillary Clinton, have amassed hundreds of millions of dollars at taxpayer expense.

    White Privilege? Chelsea Clinton got into Stanford w/o mediocre grades & mediocre ACT score. Graduated with a history degree and was given a fund manager’s job that normally requires 10 years of excellent work history and an MBA in finance, which pays $600k. After one year and NO profit, she moved to CNN as a project producer, another 10 year experience job, paying $500K, and after another year of no production left to become a HealthCare executive, also for big bucks, for the city of New York.

  2. Tell Jack that if he wants to know more about where food comes from, he should drive 20 minutes north to Shelton and drop in on the Jones or Beardsley farms. They’ve been working the land for 150 and 300+ years respectively.

  3. Dr. Hansen
    I wonder if you are presently teaching any courses in the future. Where? When? Is it possible to audit the course? I have finished my doctorate so do not have credit need. Dont mean to bother. I enjoy your teaching. Thanks for the help.
    Dr. Will Lohnes

  4. I love the show and hearing VDH in more depth! Can you make sure that the podcast feed in Google Podcasts is getting refreshed too? Would love to listen on the go! Looks like the podcasts haven’t been updated there since May.

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