The Classicist: Enlightened, Humane, Tolerant — Who Cares?

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Jack Fowler about the Left’s projectionist bent, the new racism on the the Left, the penury of academic research, and sketchy Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill. There is a light: Leprechauns and Thanksgiving on the farm.

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3 thoughts on “The Classicist: Enlightened, Humane, Tolerant -- Who Cares?”

  1. Victor, if you want to see some angels, you can always try the Rite of Abramelin. Archangels are a little low on the totem pole btw. Jack, we love to hear you speak. You are Sam to Victor’s Frodo. I think Sami is Saruman as he should have been. Sorry to Megan Kelly (my mommy won’t let my daddy watch Megan Kelly! Or Giata…)but Morfydd Clark makes a much better Galadriel. I don’t know what Victor’s Ring is yet…

  2. Ok. I’m going to throw in one more for Jack: my great grandmother was jinxed by the fair folk while wandering the Connamarra outside of Galway. So have a care when talking about the little people!

  3. Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am listening from Rancho Cucamonga CA. I want to thank you for continuing to speak up about these sensitive subjects that are plaguing our country. I was listening to this episode and had a thought about something you said, which I have heard you mention in other segments/interviews, regarding the elite class feeling “guilty” for being racist, privileged, etc. and that is one of the driving factors as to why they “virtue signal” and push their own insecurities onto the rest of the population (mainly the white middle class). While I agree with you in regards to them feeling “guilty” (at least I hope they do to show some signs of humanity), I don’t feel that this is a large driving force behind their motivation and that it all stems from a power play to feed into their authoritarian desire to control the population. However, this is where I get lost because I don’t understand the desire to control people? Maybe I haven’t had the taste of power to that magnitude and therefore cannot relate, but it seems to be a power and money hungry motive and where will it end? My fear is that it will never be enough and I often feel helpless and do not know how to combat this collectivist push. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and appreciate your time. Thank you again for all of your work!

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