The Classicist: Destroying Culture

VDH and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the destruction of civic culture, the return of tribalism, attacks on the middle class, the recall of Newsom, faulty science, and the loss of shame. A composition picture!

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5 thoughts on “The Classicist: Destroying Culture”

  1. Progressives are American Maoists, culturally revolting. The parallels are astounding. Moa’s cultural revolution was a personality cult, progressives’ is a collectivist cult, Mao emptied schools to unleash foot soldiers, progressives empty minds at schools with indoctrinators, Mao used the USSR’s allegedly impure revisionism as pretext to home front purge, progressives used Russia as pretext – to spy on opposition, and purge, Moa in Salem Witch Trial fashion used denial of false charges as a sign of guilt, progressives use the same tactic expanding their “terrorist watch list” to every Trump supporter.
    Progressive officeholders are merely the mouthpieces of a nefarious enterprise turning fratricidal. The heads of the snakes – like the foundations and endowments – need decapitating and their tax free status revoked, but then the bodies need a very hot frying pan. Only Reconstruction 2.0 can stop American Maoists from screwing everything up. I am not talking about cancelling anyone, just keeping culturally revolting A Hole bastards the hell out of power, and the hell away from any public subsidy. Their zeal should only have private sector, for profit outlets … that would be good for everybody

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