The Classicist: Democratic Policy and Culture

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

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13 thoughts on “The Classicist: Democratic Policy and Culture”

  1. Albert Ira Gould

    Good morning Prof. Hanson,
    I am crusading to use the correct appellation for the Democrat Party, which is definitely not the sole “democratic” party. By referring to the Democrat party as the “democratic” party, the implication is that all others are not.
    Will you consider joining my crusade, please?
    Ira Gould
    Lancaster MA
    Circa 1952 (my preferred pronouns)

  2. Jack why does it always feel like you are cutting off Professor Hanson? Of course I jest ,but can we make the podcasts longer? your discussions with Professor Hanson are like reading a book of all my thoughts about life right now and as I’ve experienced it,, the talks are incredibly engaging, hit me through and through but VDH is able to sum it all up with cause meaning history cautious optimism and agency unbound by the anger frustration and cynicism that plagues me as I ponder what the future will bring to my family and yours, Professor really is a rare gift and so eloquently spoken.. Thank You both for the time put into this podcast, please dont stop, and we must platform and push these important discussions far and wide..

  3. Patricia Heng

    Dear Victor, You capture the current scene so well. In your opinion, can the USA ever come back from going over the cliff?
    When the cheaters have the FBI, the CIA – the justice system in their back pocket what can we do? Are you as pessimistic as I?

  4. I heard a viewer wrote in wishing that VDH would have been his father. Not sure I’d go that far as I wouldn’t want to live in CA (LOL). I do wish I could have had him as a professor in college. I think he is a great teacher so as I listen in, I close my eyes and imagine…. My mentor was Rush but VDH has filled that void and more. Some people impact your life so that you are blessed to have crossed their path.

  5. Dear Victor,
    I am a huge admirer and listener. One word of caution when contextualizing the 60’s 70’s generation. Our (my crew) primary objection was Vietnam…we marched on Washington to protest its horror. All of my friends in the 74’ 75’ college graduating class, became lawyers, doctors teachers or successful businessmen. We weren’t stereotypical, and most who were successful, still may smoke pot…intellectually speaking, that doesn’t define them or disqualify their net contribution to our country, it’s incidental to who they are.
    I do respect you beyond words, and hope you will understand the risk of stereotyping in your historical teachings about my generation. There are many of us who are really good citizens, hippies though we may have been.
    My sincerest admiration

  6. Could victor discuss the republican party split…establishment(cheany..Romney Bush etc..vs maga-trumpers…
    Show how party must unite to win 22..2024..or please inform us what MUST BE DONE to win..Do we dwell on nov3rd..2020..or get busy preparing for 2022…2024??…We need some direction here…and there’s no time to waste..
    Thank you………..Wisconsin friends.

  7. Brad in Bethlehem

    You’re right, Professor. The Greatest Generation survived the Depression, and fought and won World War II, and eventually defeated Soviet Communism. After the war, the men came home and started families. And the men and women said, “We want our children to have everything we didn’t have.”

    But in giving their children everything that they themselves didn’t have as children, they failed to give their children the one thing they did have:

    Their values.

    And their children, we Boomers, rejected the collected wisdom of every generation that came before, because we are just that much smarter than everyone else who ever lived.

    And our bad ideas spread with each successive generation, like a virus in a population.

  8. Jim Fitzpatrick

    Good-afternoon Mr Hanson,

    It ALL makes Sense now!

    Democrats are PURPOSEFULLY Letting BLM & ANTIFA CRIMINALS out of Jail without BAIL, so they can’t act as the criminal ENFORCERS for the Marxist-Democrat-Party!

    If people, Corporations or Small Businesses disagree with the Marxist Race-Baiting-Tactics, the Dems use the Criminals to threaten them of BURNING-Down their Businesses, or attacking CEO’s & Owners!

  9. I would like to hear VDH discuss, from an historical context, how rouge alphabet agencies could be reeled in and de-polticized. MIC, FBI, CIA, DNI are out of control.

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