The California Model

This episode focuses on California news as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss its various problems in light of it as the Left’s model for the nation.

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6 thoughts on “The California Model”

  1. Charles Carroll

    In 1968 Sir David Frost wrote “The English”. One of the chapters dealt with country magistrates who adjudicated minor traffic violations. One of the first steps he said they tended to take was to determine whether the accused was a patrician or plebe. The way they did that was to get the person to refer to his (he didn’t speak to women in this chapter) spouse. If the person referred to “My Sally” or “my wife”, then he was a patrician and would be dealt with leniently. If the person referred to “the wife”, then the person was, obviously, plebeian – the cat, the table, the wife. If the person was revealed to be plebeian, the magistrate would hammer them because — “Peasants don’t belong outside of their villages!” There you have the elites’ intentions regarding eliminating affordable automobiles for the middle and lower classes.


      Your post illustrates why progressives are really regressives. They don’t want a society of equal, independent citizens. They want to be in charge of the masses who are too stupid to govern themselves.

  2. Our Governor even admitted exactly what VDH mentions about poor land management (which allowed the fire and made it worse) when Trump mentioned it to him🤦‍♂️ If only the Left would respond to what VDH talks about.

  3. Dr Hanson,
    Four years ago at age 74. I started to read history (I am a chronic late bloomer.) Sometime in that period I saw you on CSPAN, I believe, and bought some of your books.

    I finished “The Second World Wars” a few weeks ago, and am halfway through “The Dying Citizen” now. Good stuff, all of it.

    Have you written anything about Viet Nam? I served there and would be interested in your take on the whole thing.


  4. Melissa Bradley

    Mr. Victor Davis Hanson you are so intelligent and your thoughts are so Germain to the current pulse of California. I enjoy listening to your talks so much. California is a mess. I have lived here all my life and I just love this state. Please continue to call out all of these people who are ruining this great state. I would like to hear you give advice as to how a “normal” citizen can fight to bring our state to the potential that we possess. I am frustrated by what is happening and I want to be a voice to wake up the people of California. BTW we were born on the same day and the same year right here in our wonderful California. Thanks for all that you are doing, it means a lot to some of us.

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