The Bridge Disaster, Message from Mexico, and the Know-nothing Testimony

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc for this week’s news roundup: the Key bridge collapse in Baltimore, the raiding of Diddy’s  home, the reduction of Trump’s bond, Obrador’s warning, skier testimony on climate change, and changes at Boeing.

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7 thoughts on “The Bridge Disaster, Message from Mexico, and the Know-nothing Testimony”

  1. Off topic, but have you read Conrad Black’s “Strategic and Political History of the World, Vol. 1”? If so, do you recommend it? I know that you wrote an intro to one of his earlier books; this one is $50, so I was curious if you think it’s worth the money. Thanks

    1. The deep state already took down Historical statues,now the bridge. UHM back in history 4 Presidents,MLKJR,9 11,war War is money. A great vet told america this who I RESPECT NONE OF THESE TRAITORS,CRIMINALS,TREASONOUS ORGANIZATION ADMINISTRATION ARE BULLET PROOF FACT AMERICA ARM AIM PULL TRIGGER NO TAG LIMITS 24/7 366 MAGA FACT PRESIDENT TRUMP 2024

  2. For many years before the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, multiple witnesses said they could feel the bridge vibrate. I felt the bridge vibrate several times as I drove over it. When I examined the support system below the bridge I observed stress marks on some of the gussets where rivets were located. I called the Minnesota Bridge Inspection office and left word about my experiences. I never received a response. Ten years later the bridge collapsed killing several people. I don’t know what more I could have done. Sergeant Thomas Joseph Hussman – Minneapolis Police Department 1972 – 1996 Retired.

  3. Mr. Hanson,
    Was the bridge in Baltimore, Maryland knocked down as an act of sabotage, an excuse to rename it, or just outright disregard on the safety of those who check that the ship is fit to deliver goods?

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the public cannot trust the airlines and question if the goods being delivered by any mode of transport will arrive without a disaster.

  4. VDH, first, may I say you are the freshest breath of air to come along since Rush Limbaugh. You are sane and common sensical in this topsy-turvy world of today. After hearing your comments about the Key bridge disaster, I must clarify as to why the bridge needs to be rebuilt as opposed to a tunnel beneath the Patapsco River as you suggested during your podcast. As you know, Baltimore is a main import and export hub on the eastern seaboard in the US. Interstate 95 passes through the heart of the city, among other busy routes. There are two tunnels, the Fort McHenry Tunnel and the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel that route traffic beneath the Patapsco River. Federal law (as well as local regulations prohibit flammable, as well as other toxic materials to be transported through tunnels for obvious safety reasons. So, as you see another bridge is the only option.

  5. There was a short discussion about Jim Plunkett at the end of this podcast. I was a graduate student at Stanford for the last year he played quarterback at Stanford, ending on New Years Day at the Rose Bowl where Stanford beat Ohio State. There was a diner type place on San Antonio Road with a back lit plastic bill board in front, (where the owner could stick letters to spell words and sentences)
    Some time during his time at Oakland, (probably after a Super Bowl win), that sign read “Jim Plunkett eats here free.) A year went by, the sign changed to “Jim Plunkett missed a free meal.) True story.

  6. Thomas O’Brien

    Victor you said that if Mexican nationalists were receiving welfare benefits and also sending money to Mexico we should tax them their gifting at 10 %. Why only 10%?

    ;It is in effect our free money that is enabling them. Why not tax them at 80, 90, or even 100%?

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