The Bite of the Scorpion

VDH shares his views with Sami Winc on Jan. 6 and the FBI, universities going online, social media censors, the fate of the Democratic Party, and Elizabeth Holmes verdict.

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10 thoughts on “The Bite of the Scorpion”


    See, when I think of Harry Reid, I remember that Dick Smothers’ character in “Casino” is based on Reid when he was a state senator.

  2. VDH for President. I can’t think of anyone else with the ability to bring this country back to sanity. You’re a voice of reason in an insane world. I don’t think you would want the job but the country sure needs you. I listen to all your podcasts and try to absorb as much as I possibly can. If you’re ever in Nacogdoches, Texas I will buy your lunch.

  3. Marilyn L. Guilmet

    Thank you so much for the clarity and good
    Sense you bring to the conversation. I admire your solid grounding in agriculture and wide knowledge of the classics, history and politics. The Lord has blessed you with these gifts to give solace to our souls. God bless your family.
    Marilyn Guilmet
    Faith Farms

  4. Victor Hanson, you are minimizing the seriousness of January 6, by comparing it to the Left’s behavior in the Cavenaugh Supreme Court hearings. Those invading the capitol DID kill police and invoked other serious harm. You have too many other facile justifications.

  5. Also…remember certain Trump loyalists went to Georgia on 2nd election for senate seats….and said..
    “Hey you Republicans are not protesting nov 3rd enough…so maga members and other Georgia Republicans will stay home on vote day…and make sure those two senate seats go to democrats “….
    This cost Republicans 6 trillion and counting…and literally cost us the senate.
    We must never allow this again.

  6. When I try to express why I changed into a conservative there are few thoughtful voices to reference. Yet what is more important? (Knowing why one is conservative). For me it has to do with boundaries, with practical life experience, with ability to think logically. In contrast I find liberals vague, pollyanna-ish, lacking boundaries in themselves & disparaging them elsewhere, & claiming that limits/boundaries are mean-spirited. Our military is burdened with over-scrupulous hand-wringing before acting, approaching impotence. The root cause of all this is vague & needs expression. Maybe it’s parenting. It’s in our natures.

  7. The theme of Malone’s latest videos is that the notion of “mass transformation psychosis” is being played our right before our eyes. To see for yourself open two web windows (e. g., Windows Edge and Firefox) and in one, using Google as your search engine, and in the other using “DuckDuckGo” as your search engine, enter “mass transformation psychosis”. My experience was that Google search missed the the train, while DuckDuckGo found a number of current posts including some significant ones by Malone. I leave it to you to form your own opinion.

  8. Victor Davis Hanson is frequently the only link to sanity in a world gone mad. His extraordinary intellect and profound wisdom are pillars upon which I lean; his humility and lack of pretense are an inspiration.
    Clearly one of the great minds, and the great humans of our time.

  9. Greetings, Dr. Hanson,
    I heartedly agree with the commenter who suggested you run for President. But who has the stomach for it? Well done your suggestion we need (and had in the person of Donald Trump) a cowboy that defeats the bad guys but doesn’t stay.
    I have long wondered if you have read the Space Trilogy by C S Lewis. It has to be one of my favorite because of his ability to see the real nature of people. So many of his points ring true in real life.

  10. I have a confession: I absolutely love when VDH is mean and parodies the politicians. Listening to VDH is good for my mind – I become calm and less irritated. God bless you VDH! It is wonderful what you do. Kind regards

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