The Biden Panopticon

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they reveal all the shadowy corners of Biden’s career and family syndicate: from Hunter’s antics to Joe’s leadership against Justice Clarence Thomas’ appointment, also CNN failures and other media lies.

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8 thoughts on “The Biden Panopticon”

  1. Thank you for the US Marine accolades. My dad was a Marine officer in the Second Division at Okinawa and also served in Korea. You can read his biography “The Silent Second: The Biography of Martin Capages Capt. USMC” available at and on Amazon. Thank you Dr. Hanson.

  2. Your anecdotes about Joe Biden reminded me of a story my adult daughter told me. She is a recent graduate of West Point, and as an underclassman, she attended the graduation ceremony a year that Vice President Biden was the featured speaker. In his address to the assembled graduating class, with assorted high dignitaries, senior brass, families of the graduates and other attendees in attendance, he mentioned one of the more accomplished graduates by name, and told the young man that he should be especially proud of his achievements because it showed what a gay man can accomplish in the military. The young man was, in fact, gay; but he had not yet come out of the closet. My daughter and the other cadets she was with looked at each other, surprised that the young man chose this particular moment to let the world know his sexual preference. But a quick look at the expression on the young man’s face told them all that, in fact, he did not know that he was going to be “outed” at the graduation ceremony! I don’t know who all was not aware of his sexual orientation, but after the Vice President’s speech, everyone was – senior brass, high dignitaries, classmates, family, friends, the world at large. I doubt that Biden meant any harm – something tells me he was simply clueless. Nevertheless, it was cruel – whether intended or not.

  3. Charles Carroll

    This is a request/comment: I will appreciate it if you, your staff or other readers have any statistics on the frequency/percentage at which Yale (and the other Ivy’s) accepted transfers after freshman year from schools such as Occidental. It is not like President Obama was a National Merit Scholar (or even finalist) so how unusual was this type of transfer?

    1. Things can happen when your major is C-I-yay! Or if you have a sponsor e.g., Gore-Armand Hammer-Occidental, Clintons-Rockefellers-Yale…

  4. Are transcripts of these podcasts available? As slightly hearing impaired, and gradually getting worse as I age, I would find it helpful to have a written transcript with which to follow along during the podcasts.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom every week on these podcasts. I always look forward the hearing them as they have become my favorite listening activity over all others.

  5. Dr. Hanson is an expert of classics. But I wonder if he has comments on modern English, especially oral English that young people speak nowadays. I am a non-English native speaker and one reason why I enjoy Dr. Hanson’s podcats is that his Englsh is so clear and easy to understand. But these days I sometime have trouble understanding what young people (like college students) are saying. And I sometimes have to listen very closely to TV news anchors (mostly female casters in their 20s or 30s) to understand what are saying. They talk so fast with little breaks between words – all mashed up with poor grammar. I wonder if this is just a reflection of quick and short communications on social media. Or is it a reflection of their thought process? What is the implication of this speech pattern change to our culture? It almost sounds like they don’t care about listners.

    1. Some of it is the impact of social media. More importantly, though, is that young people are not taught that written English, spoken English, and slang are separate dialects and that each dialect has evolved to further communication in a specific domain. Some United States dialects are also diversifying and becoming more pronounced (this is the case with New England accents, for example). The features you mention sound specific to the dominant accent of the L.A. area. If that’s not the accent you learned English in or the one you’re currently surrounded by, then as that accent continues to develop, it may be increasingly difficult for you to understand it.


    Biden’s personality is a meatloaf. Meanness is the meat, mendacity is the binder, and senility is the gravy ladled over it.
    No one who paid attention over the past 50 years can claim that he is surprised by anything Biden says or does.

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