The Bad Left Politics: Canadian Re-education and California Devastation

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss Jordan Peterson‘s public broadcast of his social media re-education, opening nuclear plants in California — the exception proving the rule — a look at San Francisco‘s decline, mirrored in other major cities, and the strange and dangerous men of the ranch.

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7 thoughts on “The Bad Left Politics: Canadian Re-education and California Devastation”

  1. Happy birthday Victor. I heard today’s podcast and loved it. You know nobody gets away with anything. There’s no hell per se. But man’s mind and soul goes on. In heaven there’s only the soul, but after death before heaven that egoism mind is still active wondering what happened. It’s different for everyone but some things are constant. The thing is guys like Biden don’t know what to do and get stuck. And fear and guilt can wreak havoc. And they will. I always feel bad for people like Biden and Hillary because they’re mean. Somehow that comforts me. 😂😇

  2. We need to build a larger prison to hold all the govt accessories in crimes of treasonous administration. Hope there are not just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic… there are NO life boats! Ger

  3. Great show Victor, led by the masterful Jack Fowler. Happy Birthday Victor. I may never get to meet you in this life, but please know how much I appreciate you. I feel I am much more informed about life and the politics of California.

    Any chance you could talk about the California Water Project? Where would we be now if it had gone through as planned.

  4. Majority-minority California is now locked in. Democrats and media have been wildly successful with their 40-year, “Democrats are smarter and they care; but Republicans are racist, dumb and evil,” campaign… As a result, half the U.S. population now projects all of its closet bigotries on the white working class, including white Dems being openly comfortable with their white-on-white class hatred. Leave it to American Democrats to view virulent snobbery as a societal improvement.

  5. I always feel as if I’m taking a class from Professor Hanson. In Greek studies, politics, agriculture or just plain stupid human studies. Always informative and entertaining. The aggravation of living in CA . always triples when I hear your explanations of why those in charge choose to make lives here even more challenging. Please, let no one even think Gavin is a possible President and Bonta wins any office here. Novenas to Saints continue to pray for stronger spines and minds. Belated Birthday wishes for an even better year than before.

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