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From an Angry Reader,

“Keep your shit views to yourself.  You disgust me – go kiss trumps ass somewhere else.  The armed insurrection was leaderless and officer Sicknick only was “allegedly” murdered?  ??! You’re delirious you sick fuck”
— Deb Chapple  

Dear Really, Really Angry Reader Deb Chapple, 

In a mere 4 sentences you hit the angry reader score out of the park. 
1) How did you cram in ‘sh-t’, ‘ass’, ‘f—k’ in so little space? 2) The vocabulary of derangement was present too: “disgust me”,  “you’re delirious”, “you sick f—k’.  3) You managed the adolescent grammar well: trumps for Trump’s, ‘sh-t’ is a noun not an adjective, etc., 4) You slipped only by not including the Angry Reader style of  block letters and three three exclamation marks (rather than the less impressive ??!).

As for content. I’m paid not to keep my ‘sh-t’ views to myself; you seem addicted to them. So instead you should just tune me out and go “somewhere else”. There is a huge world out there on the Internet and air waves, and there is no need for you to self-inflict by fixating on me.  
If the armed “insurrection” was not leaderless, then would you please name the leaders who were arrested or are now under warrant for carefully planning and leading the assault? (Was it some heroic Napoleonic figure like the bare-chested buffoon, with the body tattoos, and two-horned fur hat?)

Since you, not I, used the adjective “armed”, please produce the evidence that at least one of those arrested in the Capitol either had used, or even possessed when arrested, a firearm. 

The death of Officer Sicknick was tragic. But there is as yet no public release of the autopsy or a toxicology report. So we do not know the cause of death, and his family so far has not released a statement concerning his exact demise. 

No one except  the New York Times and a few marquee newspapers, before their retraction, believed Officer Sicknick died from a violent physical assault from the protestors. He certainly did not die from head trauma from a weaponized fire extinguisher as was widely reported. 

Again, his death was a terrible thing,  but likely either due to natural causes aggravated by stress or, more likely, by an allergic reaction to pepper or bear spray, or some similar chemical agent, used by either the protestors (most likely) or the police or both. 

No jury would find anyone under those circumstances guilty of either first, second, or third degree “murder”. Involuntary manslaughter might be plausible if the toxicology report identifies the agent and a video shows an attacker with just that agent spraying it into the officer’s face. If that proves true, then I hope the suspect is prosecuted on manslaughter charges to the full extent of the law. But again, there was no murder as the law defines it, and you have no proof otherwise in spite of your venom.

I am afraid that you project the charge of “delirious”, and so Mutato nomine de te fabula narrator.  

What is the point of dashing off an unhinged rant full of smears,  profanity, and statements that are either false or without any support—other than the Angry Reader rankings?
Calm down for your own sake, 
Vic Hanson

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70 thoughts on “The Angry Reader”

  1. mark Scott ducharme

    I’m an Angry Reader. But not at you, my friend. Keep informing America. I just found and signed up on your site. I quit fox and miss you.

    1. We had to let go of Fox, too, because Fox was the only thing we were paying $80 dollars for. We find you on you tube easily, thankfully. We learn a lot as we watch those videos. The one on WW II was especially amazing! I have a few of your books, too. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Gary R. McCray (Rob)

    Your angry reader seems to rely on the leftist need for early and often headlines that may be (are actually) misleading. I think we all agree that when this all clears, the most egregious rioters will have been guilty of some crimes, but the narrative that this was an armed pre-coordinated response with Trump as the chief conspirator seems to be falling apart. Yet the headlines that stated that early will linger on for the faithful Left.

    1. Well, we KNOW Trump did not provoke the incursion into the Capitol building. He spoke a mile and ahalf away, and the berricades were moved to clear the openings half an hour before he finished speaking…… AND his final words, half an hour after the incursion began, asked the folks hearing his words to go peacefully and patriotically. Hardly an “insurrection”.
      Further I read an account of some friends, moving quickly and together, from the site of the speech to the Capitol, movingVERY quicklu cosidering the half million strong gathering, took an hourand a half to get from where the speech was given to the Capitol building. So HOW could Trump possibly have “provoked” any action of the type that actually occurred? So Angry Reader Deb was merely bowing off hot air. Peolly a poorly compensated troll making an amateiurish attempt at stiffing the pot. Or perhpas stirring WITH pot in her sowwy widdow head.

  3. Fritz Liepertz

    Victor gives the perfect reply to a seemingly unhinged angry reader. We can all learn from his enlightened and thoughtful positioning!

  4. Love that you threw in the Latin, forcing “angry reader” who undoubtably does not speak or understand the phrase, to go look it up.

  5. This was fun to read. I have come to believe that people who watch CNN all the time (members of my family and a few of my friends fall into this category) have actually joined a cult. It’s a cult that keeps them whipped into a frenzy and in an outrage loop all the time. It has them repeating thing that are ridiculous or false. It has them ignoring violence in the city but screaming about the insurrection. I’m glad you are here to take them on.

  6. It is interesting how bereft so many on the left seem to be of a meaningful vocabulary. These few oft repeated three and four letter words, which predominate their discourse, have lost any real meaning.

  7. I agree with Fritz and Judith -you are a calm, class act. The difference in tone between “unhinged” and you is light years apart. Unfortunately I suspect your answer is way over this person’s head…but not the heads of your followers. Interesting how the left always resorts to profanity and name calling. Facts get in the way of their anger.

  8. Natasha Lyasheva

    Thank you, Mr. Hanson, for taking your time and effort to respond to the Angry Reader. As someone who grew up in the Soviet Union I am a firm believer that free speech can survive only if it is exercised over and over again. Use it or lose it!

  9. Oh wow! And the left wonders why we can’t take them seriously. I am so sorry you have to be subjected to such visceral hate.

  10. Her rant is quite indicative of the strength of the Democratic/news media strategy of publishing and commenting on assumptions, mis truths and outright lies, and never backing away from them.
    It is a trategy that has half of the country believing there was no fraud in the 2020 election.

  11. Is there a reason the family of the deceased officer will not release the cause.? Would they be of the Democratic inclination or, did they ‘lawyer up’ as they say for a forthcoming suit????

  12. Robert English

    I always enjoy your retort to the unhinged and “Angry Readers”. How do these people live their lives with this much hate? There seem to be more of this adolescence in our discourse these days, how boring.

  13. Mutato nomine de te fabula narrator: so true and “ad hoc”.
    It is hard to believe that a person (possibly a Lady?) can show off so profanity without being ashamed of her use of language. Despicable.
    To add another famous Latin phrase, Res ipsa loquitur: your angry reader shows by her language her true colors.
    Thank you, Victor Hanson for so eloquently and elegantly addressing this poor angry reader.

  14. I love the “Angry Reader” forum. Can you please organize the responses into a larger ideological framework so that we can better understand the social psychology of Marxist Democrats?

  15. Mr Hanson, As America continues to appear to collapse we need your intellect, reason and sound writing to keep us going and to keep us informed. I am one who believes that while it appears that we are collapsing into Socialism, Marxism, no more border security, loss of liberty and freedom, we are actually rising in an awakening never before seen by humans in this life time. I stopped the news the day the president “lost” but people like you and Gordon Chang, Robert Woodsen Sr., Candace Owens and a host of other intellectual minds kept me tuning in somewhat through certain publications. Spiritually speaking Angry Reader is angry about much deeper issues and it has absolutely nothing to do with you or your writing. She is a part of the reason for the mass awakening going on. You will see many like her fall because they will hold onto resentments and hate like it is their lifeline to keep their head above water. They will fight every energy that comes near them that is vibrating an energy of hope, love, courage, love of country and those that protect us, intellect, etc because they can then stay in their pain. It is much harder to step out of the chains they are living in and that the new political system wants to keep them in than to have to search for answers to their real, deeper truths. I am one who has chosen not to stay shackeled by their control. I am free in my mind and that is all that matters because a free mind and spirit will never need to hurt others to feel less pain as your angry reader quite obviously needed to do. Her pain is so deep and so intense her only release is to stand in judgment of someone she cannot control because she and her mind are controlled. Blessings to you and your family to keep up your work even in the most intense and difficult times. Backing down when others stand in judgment is not freedom it is fear and fear with kill you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thank you for your work, Audrey D.

  16. Sadly, this sort of braying commentary from the “progressive” left wing of the political spectrum is now all too common. It is no longer a surprise when allegedly educated people send out emails or posts claiming all those who voted for Trump are fascists. The same cadre of people claim all gun owners are simply murderers in waiting and that at the law enforcement agencies are the enemy. To let such nonsense pass as acceptable discourse is a mistake. I think Mr. Hanson’s analytical and measured response was excellent.

    Unfortunately, should this exchange have taken place in far too many of our universities and colleges, I suspect Mr. Hanson would have been placed on Administrative Leave and Ms. Chapple would be portrayed as a victim. She would probably also be rolling in money acquired via a ridiculous “Go Fund Me” campaign and then pivot right into a career in democrat party politics.

  17. I was delighted by your laconic “diss” / sententia, Prof. Hanson (mutato nomine etc.), thank you for keeping the classical flame burning through your union of substance with eloquence. There are certainly too many fabulae going around these days, and too little awareness of how often and ironically ignari de se Sinistri narrant.

  18. Learning that it is way easier to throw eggs than clean them up. I got a question that might be right up your alley. I am reading a big door stop biography on Alexander Hamilton and I notice that a large amount of published commentary was submitted for public consumption anonymously. The current trend is to dismiss or at least decrease credibility to anonymous material. Your thoughts on the change in attitude towards anonymous material, I believe, would be insightful.
    And now we know what works best, a swift swat on the ass or a time out in the corner.

  19. Handled well, sir.

    BTW, just watched your video with Mr. Anderson and was particularly interested in the discussion on farmers and the founding of our country. My father moved to the Imperial Valley in December 1941. He was 14 years old. By the time he was about 30, he had formed a farming partnership with another Southern transplant and together they exemplified all the skills you discussed. I’m very proud to say he was also an elected director on the Imperial Irrigation District for twenty years and many of your positions on California water issues were his exactly. Have a great day, sir.

  20. Robert B. Ardis

    Exactly, Victor. Angry reader Deb Chappie seems to have two problems. One is that he or she seems not to have enough worthwhile to do. Another is a severely limited vocabulary.

  21. If someone asks, rather demands, then expects , an individual keep his shit views to themselves, why then do we not have an equal right to demand the same from that someone ?
    Who would be the first to scream if their right to espouse shit views was infringed ?

  22. Jim Wiinchester

    Would one try to rationally debate Nazism with the Gestapo or Communism with Stasi? What will be the reward for your efforts? Shot? Same mindset here. You are an enemy of the state, period. If she could cancel you permanently, is there any doubt she would? The second amendment protects the first, so that’s why they want our guns. Not crime control, political control.

  23. As angry reader well knows (hopefully) bad ideas come crashing down by the weight of their own stupidity. Maybe she will turn that realization into a best seller some day (assuming she learns to build a grammatically correct sentence).

  24. Dorothea Moebius

    Dear Dr. Hanson,
    It’s discouraging that a man of your erudition and mental energy has to waste time reading silly, ugly rants like the one above. Please be assured you have thousands of loyal fans both listening and reading who look forward to learning from you every time you post or comment. Please stay healthy. We need you!
    Gratias tibi ago!
    A one-time classics major

  25. Oh my gosh.
    This person seems to epitomize the extreme, leftist, irrational rhetoric that lacks logic. Emotion is an important component of our humanity. Clearly, her comments exhibit the emotion of hatred for ideas that are unacceptable to her. Hatred, violence and intolerance are negative, unproductive ways to solve any problem. I disagree with many of our elected officials right now. When I email them, I state my opinions in a forthright and polite manner.

    As a country and civilization, we need to restore CIVILITY to our conversations with one another. This person needs to read a book on manners and diplomacy. This type of violent, threatening, vile language define her as a person. I am shocked that anyone would write such things. Yet, here we are in 2021 with the inmates running the asylum.

  26. Jeanette Canderelli Gant

    Victor Hansen, I cannot believe you actually took precious time to communicate with that poor messed up Deb person, you’re too kind. Off course you know she’ll never get it, you’d have more luck communicating with my daughter’s spastic dog, Trixie. I’m angry too, but still coherent. I nailed a sign to my front door draped in black ribbon on the 20th that says R.I.P. AMERICA (1776-2020), I kept hope till the end. Now I just stand on street corners yelling, “Where’s a damn mass shooter when you need one?”

  27. This reminds me of the people screaming that the Twin Towers came down because of a “controlled demolition.” Never mind that it would have been the first time that the detonations started at the top. And that somehow the charges would have been placed in the support beams/girders with nobody seeing anything.

  28. Where do these people come from. No evidence just meritless accusations derived from social media outlets like the Huff n Puff. You can tell when they have no supporting data with the attacks of shouting and relentless name calling.

  29. Goodness, and in your defense Professor (in an odd way), I have been slightly irritated about how much ground that–in my opinion–you unnecessarily cede to the accusers of Trump and to those who hate traditional America. These malcontents are nearly triumphant in subduing my nation and are rapidly replacing it demographically, though I am doubtful that the latter is quite the same concern to you as it is to me. That is, or may be, your free choice, of course—at least for the time being until the anti-Europeans have completed their relentless, anti-logical march to victory. At any rate, I want to conclude by saying that I learned much from your style of responding to irrational people. I have found it to be quite effective in practice. Thank you.

  30. Hi Professor Hanson, I greatly admire your thoughts and ideas. I have learned so much from you. It is unfortunate that you have people like Deb Chapple(alias). The fake news has engendered so much hate, disrespect, and lies about Trump and MAGA that people like Deb are totally misled and in the dark. This is an example of what has occurred among democrats. These people consider Trump to be like Hitler or Stalin; they are totally misled and angered by the fake news. This type of venom is what leads to democrats stealing votes, and falsifying votes, and anything they can do, no matter how illegal or underhanded, to defeat republicans. That is the real problem. The other side is so filled with such hate and misguided views that they are willing to do anything to win. And that is what we saw in the last election. Perhaps you could discuss this phenomenon where one party is so filled with venom and hate that they will engage in any illegal, disruptive, violent, or nasty means to achieve their ends.

  31. Wendy Schupmann

    Wow! That angry reader was off the charts! Why is it lefties get so irrational? Keep up the great work Professor– you’re the smartest and the best!

  32. Speaking of “”sick fucks” it is obvious you don’t even understand the proper use of the English language.

  33. Robert Krueger

    Ms. Chapple epitomizes the typical leftist response – expletive laden, ad hominem attack with no valid argument included. Intellectually vacuous.
    Keep taking it to them Dr. Hanson.

  34. Remember, it’s not the accuracy of the accusations, rather it’s the seriousness of the accusations. Rush Limbaugh

  35. Why is the left so angry? What is worse is they embarrass themselves with their sophomoric vocabulary. Maybe they just want to be at the top of your “Angry Reader” ratings.

  36. Thank you for posting that response, it made my day. Also, please tell us that you are working on a new book regarding the events of the last year. You are one of the few people left I trust to faithfully record it.

  37. What a sad and pathetic individual…what this person’s “views” are veer way left. In my small, once conservative mountain town that kind of obscene ranting was unheard of. Unfortunately we’ve been invaded by “escaping Californians” who’ve brought their hateful leftist baggage with them…not all, but a too large percentage.
    Thank you Dr. Hanson for the unassuming class act that you definitely are.

  38. Dwayne Zilchani

    I think the writer of the angry letter expresses how we all feel lately but it’s definitely not Victor Davis Hanson’s fault. The media is/are intentionally provoking outrage and hatred daily and the main vehicle for doing that is that they put people on the air who make outrageous claims that are infuriating to hear knowing full well the audience will react that way. Everyone is triggering everyone and trying to push the situation over a cliff emotionally. People lash out. It’s to be expected. I would like to see some leadership emerge that can guide us all into a better place but alas I don’t really think it’s possible anymore. We are on a train to nowhere. At best we end up in a dark, lonely, horrific place where everyone wonders how the heck everything got so bad.

  39. I compliment Dr. Hanson on the magnanimity with which he responds to his angry reader. I have received quite similar communications from people similarly afflicted. In my case they are my brother and my son. This same derangement has torn apart countless families and friendships, far more than most people realize, and if it continues it will tear apart our society. And I have no idea what can be done about it. As I am sure Dr. Hanson understands, trying to reason with the deranged using facts, evidence and logic is futile.

  40. Deb seems to have some serious anger issues! It’s difficult not to provide her an extended adolescent grammar reply. Like most on the left, she also has serious issues with facts. As an avid follower of your papers and podcasts, I hope you continue to provide exceptionally well reasoned commentary on the state of the sick leftist agenda.

  41. I have observed this sort of rage in many a forum. It surprises me just how frantically important it is to so many that these narratives generated by Democrats and their media are true. Judging by the rhetoric this person is furiously invested that the never-very-credible alarms spewed by the media about Jan 6th are adhered to without question. Why is this fake reality so desperately important to so many?

  42. I’m speechless that anyone, imparticularly a female would use that kind of language. I wonder if she eats out of the same mouth.

  43. Ronald P Rives

    I continue to be concerned about the lack of concern for the actual armed insurrections in liberal led cities. More disturbing is that these insurrections were actually successful as left leaning city leader ceded the streets and parts of their cities to the mob. We have a method for solving political conflict in this country. We vote. Not perfect, particularly when one side desires to encourage illegal voting, but still the best method invented so far. Mob violence to achieve political goals is wrong, no matter if left or right.

  44. Michael J Montgomery

    Victor, the MSM’s brushing Ashlee Babbitt’s murder under the carpet continues to puzzle me, but I am not amazed. “Unarmed white woman shot and killed by[who?] using deadly force” is a headline we’ll never see!!!

  45. Ms. Chapple’s repugnant rant is chilling because it is common to her generation. It certifies both a gross ignorance – likely irreparable – of all but the crudest vulgarities debasing the English language and worse, an hysterical incoherency proclaiming an astonishing incapacity to think. She and others of her generation will soon determine the very fate of Western civilization.

  46. Daryl Sarkisian

    You are the best. When you are on Tucker (Fox News) it makes my Night. Your reply to that ill informed
    reader was spot on. Thankyou

  47. Patrick Carrington MD

    Ah, no doubt, an actress or want to be actress. Same vitriol from Cher, Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner, and Alec “Daughter Alienated’ Baldwin to name a very few. Slowly, they must hang themselves on the rope they have produced. Why, oh why, do they get the press and print time when true discerning thinkers and critical responders get ‘canceled?’

  48. Victor,

    I enjoy reading your books and listening to your lectures and podcasts.

    I’m sorry you have to endure bozos like that. It must take a toll. I wish you well.


  49. The fruitcakes out there expose their lunacy so readily. It’s a silver lining to unpleasant free speech.

  50. So typical the of cognitively deficient Lefties, they project their own, personal deficits onto others. It is darn near impossible to hold an intelligent conversation with the Deb types. It’s not worth even trying.

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