The American Pandemic

Victor and Jack analyze the things plaguing our culture and politics: COVID policy and regulations, extralegal powers of government agencies like the Department of Defense, and “Super Bowl” culture.

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13 thoughts on “The American Pandemic”

  1. Why is government so prone to growth?
    This commentary by Edward Bennett Williams, one time owner of Washington NFL team talking about coach George Allen,
    In the early 1970s Redskins’ owner Edward Bennett Williams said of Coach George Allen
    “I gave him an unlimited budget, and he exceeded it!” At least George Allen bought a respectable football team with his unlimited budget.”
    But can the same be said for the Federal Government?


      Sort of. We didn’t give the federal government a bigger budget first, but more powers, not specifically enumerated to it in the Constitution. The budget followed, to pay for those expanded powers.

  2. This particular podcast made me feel bad because this is the second time I heard Victor go on and on about the new Tesla when I am driving a 22-year-old beat up single cab vehicle and in desperate need of dental work and about to be homeless in 30 days…I am sixty and a single childless woman. I couldn’t listen to anymore.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about this, I am praying for you. What city and state do you live in? Their are resources available to help, do you have a local church, synagogue or temple you are connected with? I have found great support when reaching out to a local pastor, priest or rabbi from a reputable congregation. There are many people usually willing to help in any way they can.

  3. A Babylon Bee-style joke just popped into my head.
    It’s 2040, and the NFL has since added “Tequila” and “Dixie” to the list of national anthems played before every game.
    And the Super Bowl has the last ‘68 Charger on Earth jump the stadium. Not sure how that part ends.

  4. Elon’s new $10B factory is going to Mexico, not California. The locations of Tesla’s additional Gigafactories include Nevada, Texas, New York, Shanghai, and Berlin. California is not on the list.

  5. Victor, I thought it was Trump’s “drain the swamp” rhetoric that made the government agencies, including the military, go crazy. They were all conservatives, until Trump threatened their jobs, and their likelihood. So they flipped. Now you are saying these folks had been Leftists for a long time, at least 20+ years, when you witnessed it as a visiting professor at the naval academy. You have been very critical of the generals’ disparaging remarks against their commander-in-chief. But you were surprised by how far they were willing to go: breaking the chain of command, Russian collusion hoax, suppressing freedom of speech, etc. Knowing what you already knew, should you have been surprised?

    And knowing what you know now, do you really think anyone else could have and will do a better job than Trump?

    Listening to you all these years have helped me confirm my gut feeling that Trump, among many other things, is the bravest living American.

  6. Victor and Jack, I really enjoyed your podcast. It is discouraging to live in a social media society that promotes and endorses bad behavior. I did not watch the Super Bowl half time show, but it’s worrisome to hear that it continues to degenerate into an adult-themed circus. And this is viewed by children with no concern about protecting their innocence. These musicians/performers are more into the cult of personality rather than providing quality, family-friendly entertainment. I so appreciate all your hard work and blessings to you both.

  7. Jonathan Schwartz

    Thanx for the shout out to Mark Knopfler…..he is the greatest singer songwriter of our time but would NEVER be at the Super Bowl halftime show…glad u like him…

  8. So, lipsinking at big concerts is pretty pro forma, especially for pop-songs that require a lot of post-recording work to assemble in the first place. The other reason is with that with all the electronics on a stage like that, reliably mic-ing a singer is extremely difficult. Anyone whose run tech want to add on?

    Speaking of talent, I remember Katie VanKooten running, jumping while singing the lead for Eugine Onegin when she was pregnant out to here. It sounded amazing. So, it can be done!

  9. Empire building =greater pay checks, greater job importance ( self-worth derived from public service), and the phenomenon of the tendency of one human being to try to control another for a noble cause (think ‘nudging’). It is a major principle of libertarianism to not use public service io enrich one’s self. It goes to flaws of human nature, ego and greed.

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