The American Experience Gone and European Left’s Experiments Gone Awry?

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk about the polls that show Americans believe the American dream in decline, trouble for the Left in supporting murderers and attacking their own, Newsom-Desantis debate impending, California’s decline is self-imposed, Europeans see their anti-Western experiments are doomed, and the Roman emperor Elagabalus, a transexual (?).

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24 thoughts on “The American Experience Gone and European Left's Experiments Gone Awry?”

    1. Michael Henderson

      Check out Johns Hopkins:
      JH CRC (Corona Virus Research Center) has stopped reporting since 3/23 however all of their past data is available to the public from the onset of the virus Jan 2020 through March 2023. From mask effectiveness and recommendations to COVID count data by state and report methods. Quite interesting and worth researching. Please contact me if you would like further resources inside and outside the US.

  1. Listening as I respond to today’s podcast.
    The American dream is most definitely dead in democrat controlled cities and states. I would challenge anyone to name just one city or state being run by democrats that the dream is still alive for even 25% of the population (democrats truly RUN the locales they were elected to represent). The question is how long will the dream disappear for the rest of the nation?

    A month ago I purchased a power washer. The bar to the unit had to be unlocked and the clerk had to escort me to the checkout. This is not a small item as it did not fit into the cart so I asked why. The clerk said that people would just walk out through the self checkout without paying for the item. I questioned why security, which HD has several as you enter the store, did not stop them and was informed they were not permitted to stop anyone. So basically we pay higher prices for HD, and I would suspect other stores, to pay the salaries of ‘security guards’ who are restricted from doing anything resembling security.

    I know the professor provides reasons that Gavin Newsome is a lousy governor and would make an even worse POTUS but I just saw a survey that had Newsome getting a +18 favorable/unfavorable rating. Newsome rated better than DeSantis (+3). Makes on wonder who is being surveyed referring to first paragraph on democrat controlled states/cities!

  2. Michael Campbell

    No presidential debate journalist will ever put Newsom on the spot and ask, “In 2008 when you were SF mayor, you released a known-violent illegal from city custody who within hours massacred an entire family at a busy intersection. As president, what would you do differently to prevent such tragedies?” The earth will be destroyed by an asteroid before any reporter will do that. Worse, a Black Hole will gobble the entire galaxy before an (R)-candidate afraid of appearing “mean” will ever ask that question.

    1. First, Jack AND Sami are terrific. Jack’s humor is a treasure; his humor and frustration at elements of the grifter class in DC cements a need to have fellow travelers who clearly carry our values. Sami’s down home soft tone and sincere questioning voice is an actual pleasure to “hear”; such a voice actually carries a tone of a calming effect.

      Second, when one considers the whole scene, or takes the 30,000 ft view, by almost any metric it appears the American dream is in tatters. What makes this worse, much worse, is the American voter: that any Dem candidate is viewed as a viable choice speaks to the lack of looking at consequences and the nation’s recent history: who would vote for corruption, inflation, endless wars, high taxes, high crime, the misuse of the DOJ/FBI/CIA/IRS, etc., sale of baby body parts for profit, sale of SOR to benefit one Party, and others? Ans: illegal aliens rushing the border largely for our bennies.

    2. Michael Henderson

      Nor will a journalist ask why did Newsom send 250M of Cali $ to an electric bus company in China to ship masks. Don’t hard to dig far to figure that out. Plump Grape Napa Winery…just goes on and on.

  3. Jack Fowler: please, it’s X, not Twitter. Please, stop saying Twitter. You know, maybe it’s time to pass your job on to a younger person. Enjoy your retirement. You worked hard. You earned it, now, go.


    1. Respectfully; one mistake and you’re done, esp. when you’ve contributed throughout your life? And I find ‘X’ to have been an egotistical selection from Musk; ie, ‘look at me, I’ve X’d out, destroyed, Twitter.’ Imo, ‘X’ being an unpleasant and not very descriptive name, is worthy of being forgotten.

  4. Dr. Hanson continually expresses wonder that people come from outside the U.S. to join us but disrespect our character and mores. They don’t come to “join” us. They come to partake of what we have produced.

    1. It used to be anyone immigrating to the US we’re required to have the resources to provide for themselves. Now, they’re coming feeding off the system.

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    If the American dream has failed, it’s because we have failed. We have failed to maintain the level of maturity, the level of virtue necessary to live in a free republic. We gave in to those parts of human nature that say that it’s easier to do whatever you want, whether it’s right or wrong, a good idea or bad idea. And the founders failed. They recognized that human nature is fallen and unchanging, but they thought that a free people would enjoy liberty but with the wisdom not to do the wrong thing, to do dumb things. Their hope was unfounded.
    The question is, can you turn a society where the majority of people in it don’t want to be adults into a society of sober, mature adults? I don’t think we can.

  7. The American Era was and is based on it’s century of economic fortune, the blessings of American Democracy is contingent on this fortune. 1945 – the only world economy not destroyed by WW2, the 50’s and 60’s Cold War as a built-in guarantee for subsidized industry, the collapse of the Soviet Union opening new Eastern European markets and the software revolution in the 80’s, the opening of the China Market and the invention of the internet in the 90’s, the re-subsidizing of the industry during the Gulf Wars in the 00’s and Fracking in the 10’s. But here we are in the 20’s a virtual Capitalist growth doldrum. No new markets, false claims of green innovation, no new substantial quantum-leaps in technological inventions, an incredible national debt eating 110% of our GDP, not to mention a global saturation in arable land and plateau in food production. Oh did I forget to mention the immense population pressures of those from “poor” regions migrating to “rich” regions as the planet grows to 10 billion people this decade. Not good – and the kids under 30 know it.

  8. The most unbelievable thing is the exposure of Targeted Individuals, the majority of the American Citizens are not aware of, or because they aren’t paying attention. Until it happens to them, if you are a good hardworking conservative God fearing individual, they are coming after you. I am experiencing this right now. My whole life was just taken over, by a group of these fusion group criminal organizations, that is being funded by our government. I had a good life, working hard until these people infiltrated their way in my life to murder me. The law is on their side, no where to receive help. This is the CABAL, they are coming after us. Any help would me appreciated. in exposing this criminals.

  9. That Soros has been allowed to fund elements of our demise speaks to the apathy and ignorance of the modern voter. He hides under the protection of our laws and sovereignty that he concurrently funds to destroy. At least two nations in Europe and at least one nation in Asia were they able to get their hands on him, would imprison the monster.

  10. As an Arizona resident, when it comes to water, I say California can go to hell. If your state government doesn’t want storage and mandates sending most of your rainfall into the Bay for the little fishies, then nuts to CA. (Not you personally, Victor, I’m a very big fan and listen and read just about everything you do. You contribute greatly to my sanity.)

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