Terrorists, Squatters, and Other Unintelligible Intelligence

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler discuss the ISIS attack in Moscow, squatter’s rights, DEI in the intelligence community, and racializing math in California.

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5 thoughts on “Terrorists, Squatters, and Other Unintelligible Intelligence”

  1. Gloria Burkhart

    Thanks for your shows! I enjoy hearing a bit more of history and how it applies to today. I often look at America and wonder why our politicians do not learn from history as to what is happening to America. I especially look at how America is following the downfall of Rome. It was a decadent society at the end and that is what America is today.

  2. Yes, definitely.
    They (VDH’s shows) provide interest in taking Hillsdale College’s free online classes on citizenship and history.

  3. This show which was about squatters , Victor said get the F out several times to emphasize his displeasure with people who where living in one of his family’s home . The man with the best vocabulary that I have ever heard doesn’t need to resort to this , it was a little disappointing even if it was true .
    Jack did the same with f ing as an adjective both men don’t need to lower themselves to todays standards. Victors podcasts are my favorites and I look forward to each and everyone of them . Just got Mexifornia and Fields without Dreams for my birthday and can hardly wait to read them .

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