Kerry Boasts of ‘Pluralistic’ Syria Once Assad Gone

by Raymond Ibrahim //  U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, was recently interviewed about Syria.  While many of his assertions can be debated, one especially requires a response. Throughout the interview, he repeatedly insisted that, if Bashar Assad would only leave power, everything would go well — especially for all of Syria’s minorities. In his words: “I …

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Armenian Christians Pressured to Convert to Islam

by Raymond Ibrahim //  Arabic language websites reported earlier this week that the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—which, throughout the course of the war against the Assad government has committed any number of atrocities, from decapitating “infidels” to burning churches—has successfully “forced” two Armenian Christian families to convert to Islam. Share This

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The Muslim Who Amputated His Hands, ‘According to Islamic Sharia’

by Raymond Ibrahim //  “Infidels,” or non-Muslims, or the wrong kinds of Muslims (Alawites and Shia for example) are often seen as the natural recipients of Islamic violence, or jihad, as prescribed by Islamic law, the Sharia. Few, however, are aware exactly how Sharia can cause individual Muslims to do violence upon themselves. Share This

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‘Muslim’ Jesus Demands Sharia Law and Jizya Tribute

by Raymond Ibrahim //  Time and again, Muslims, especially those in Egypt, project Islamic thinking onto Christians: thus the Coptic church has been accused of smuggling and storing weapons in its churches to take over the nation (when in fact mosques are regularly exposed housing illegal weapons for the jihad); of kidnapping and torturing Coptic girls who convert …

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Muslim Blood Superior to Infidel Blood

by Raymond Ibrahim //  Arguing that Muslim blood is more precious than infidel blood, Muslim clerics in and out of Sudan are outraged because a Sudanese court has condemned a Muslim man to death—simply because he murdered a non-Muslim, the American diplomat John Granville on January 1, 2008. Share This

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Exploiting Christian Persecution to Demonize Israel

by Raymond Ibrahim //  What’s worse than the silence of Western Christians concerning the Muslim persecution of their coreligionists in the Islamic world?  Answer: Cynically exploiting that persecution for a political agenda—in the case of a recent Daily Beast article, to excoriate the state of Israel and its supporters. Share This

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How Historic Revisionism Justifies Islamic Terrorism

by Raymond Ibrahim //  How important, really, is history to current affairs?  Do events from the 7th century—or, more importantly, how we understand them—have any influence on U.S. foreign policy today? By way of answer, consider some parallels between academia’s portrayal of the historic Islamic jihads and the U.S. government’s and media’s portrayal of contemporary Islamic …

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Islamic Doctrines Justify Sex Jihad (With Video)

by Raymond Ibrahim //  Note: A 15-minute video of men and women from various nations discussing their experiences with the sex jihad in Syria, translated from Arabic to English by my colleagues, appears beneath this article (you may need to click on “CC” (closed caption”) for the English subtitles to appear). As news of the sex …

Islamic Doctrines Justify Sex Jihad (With Video) Read More »

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Bloody Weekend: Trend of Muslim Rage Against ‘Infidels’ Continues

by Raymond Ibrahim // The Blaze  Muslim slaughter of non-Muslim “infidels” saw an especially dramatic weekend in the nations of Pakistan and Kenya.  Even so, these are simply the latest in a long list of jihadi attacks on the Christians of both nations. Share This

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