America’s Decline

Equal Justice, They Said

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness What once distinguished the United States from illiberal regimes following the Orwellian mantra “some are more equal than others” was the hallowed American idea of “equal justice under the law.” The phrase is engraved above the entrance to the United States Supreme Court—an ideal that took centuries to achieve. Yet it …

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Victor Davis Hanson Show

To Bring Down a House of Cards

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler look at listeners questions on the Vietnam war, the decline of civilization, can decline be stopped, can woke destruction be reversed? Everyone needs to refuse to live by lies. Share This

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America Delira

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness Travel abroad and or talk to pro-American foreigners here, and you will be surprised at what they say. It is not boilerplate anti-Americanism of the usual cheap Euro style. And their keen criticism is not just that we are $30 trillion in debt, dependent on China, with a corrupt elite, …

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The World Wants No Part of Woke, But It’s Glad We Do

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness The United States obsesses over whether biological men can compete in women’s sports as transgendered males. Crime is spiking at levels not seen in 40 years. But it is considered racist to suggest that arrests, indictments, convictions, and incarcerations deter crime. Major U.S. downtowns almost overnight went from mostly safe …

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Victor Davis Hanson Show

The Real Insurrectionists

Given the talk of insurrection, Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the Left’s usurpation of law, the Constitution, and our way of life. Share This

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The Disappearing American?

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness “Help wanted” and “Now hiring” signs are everywhere. Flights, construction projects, and healthcare services are delayed—or unavailable—due to labor shortages. Hourly and monthly wages spiral. There is a growing disequilibrium between the number of available jobs and the declining pool of workers needed to fill them. What is going on? …

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Imagine the Unimaginable

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness Americans are now entering uncharted, revolutionary territory. They may witness things over the next five months that once would have seemed unimaginable. Until the Ukrainian conflict, we had never witnessed a major land war inside Europe directly involving a nuclear power. In desperation, Russia’s impaired and unhinged leader Vladimir Putin …

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The Troubling Plight of the Modern University

Today’s campus is more reactionary than the objects of its frequent vituperation. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online Employment rates for college graduates are dismal. Aggregate student debt is staggering. But university administrative salaries are soaring. The campus climate of tolerance has utterly disappeared. Only the hard sciences and graduate schools have salvaged …

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America’s New Anti-Strategy

Our allies and our enemies have seriously recalculated where the U.S. stands. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online  It was not difficult to define American geopolitical strategy over the seven decades following World War II — at least until 2009. It was largely bipartisan advocacy, most ambitiously, for nations to have the freedom of …

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