Is The Great Illusion In Ruins?

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

In 2021, Joe Biden was elected after a bitterly fought campaign that deposed the incumbent Donald Trump. Democrats eventually captured, for a time, both the House and Senate, ensuring the most left-wing government in modern American history.

Americans were then set to witness a great experiment. For the first time in their lives, a truly radical socialist program would supposedly fundamentally transform the way America dealt with the border, immigration, the economy, race relations, foreign policy, energy, law enforcement, crime, education, and social questions such as religion, gender, abortion, and schooling.

In a sense, we were all to be lab rats of sorts, to be experimented on by the radical left and their various critical theories. Now in the last year of the Biden term, we can see the results of that experiment—and the unfortunate disasters that followed.

But first, how was such a radical move to the left even possible in a center-right America?

The Democratic nominee, Biden, had earlier united the left, but only through a Faustian deal. The handlers of a nearly non compos mentis Biden had ushered all his 2020 primary rivals out of the primary races in unison.

But in exchange for their exits that ensured Biden the nomination, the left took over his general campaign—in which Biden was virtually relegated to his basement—and then set his agenda.

Who was running things?

The mysterious architects of White House ideology included, inter alia, the omnipresent, now-Washington-DC-dwelling Obamas, the old socialist gadfly Bernie Sanders, the fossilized tribunes of the black and Latino congressional caucuses, the DEI firebrand Squad, and the neo-socialist scold Elizabeth Warren.

As a result, for one of the few times in American history, the hard left now had undreamt of power. And it was enhanced by a chorus in our compliant media, academia, corporations, the administrative state, foundations, entertainment, and popular culture.

So we were all to embark on a great adventure led by the foot soldiers of DEI, the Chicken-Little green extremists, the critical race and critical legal theory crowd, the modern monetary theorists, the woke commissars, the transgendered zealots, Antifa, BLM, the hate-Israel lobby, and the Trump Derangement Syndrome media sorts.

Ostensibly, America was to be reset financially, economically, socially, culturally, militarily, and politically. The nation would be arbitrarily divided into oppressors and oppressed—with one caveat: hyper-rich, left-wing white architects had to be exempt from the damage inflicted on those they targeted. Thus, like Orwellian pigs who walked on their two hind legs, they were free to fly their private jets, get their kids into racially quota-bound Ivy League schools, burn lots of fossil fuels to heat and cool their massive homes, and be protected by their walls, security details, and zip codes from the crime wave they would soon unleash on others.

Now, as we enter the fourth year of the great experiment, America is $35 trillion in debt, borrowing $1 trillion every 100 days. Home mortgages are at 7 percent. Key prices for food, insurance, rent, and fuels are 30-40 percent higher than when Biden entered office.

The nation has been humiliated and emasculated abroad. Racial relations are the worst in a half-century. The military is in virtual receivership. Biden is polling about 40 percent approval and is behind in key swing states in most of the 2024 polls.

As a result, the Biden administration is furiously trying to find a way to release more of its hated oil and natural gas on the world market. It stopped refilling the strategic petroleum reserve that it had earlier drained to lower gas prices before the 2022 midterms.

So it will quietly pump more oil and gas, appease Iran in fear of a war in the oil-producing Middle East, plead with the once “pariah” Saudis, and order the Ukrainians not to hit Russian oil installations—all to get more oil produced to lower November 2024 gas prices.

It will head nod to eliminating fossil fuels, mandating EVs, banning natural gas stoves, and subsidizing more inefficient wind and solar farms. But it now realizes that its green agenda on its watch will wreck the United States economy and throw the left out of power. So it pivots to an old-fashioned “Drill, World, Drill” mantra—at least until the election is over.

Biden fulfilled his agenda of getting 10 million illegal aliens into the United States by destroying the southern border. The point was to swarm America with poor, unaudited migrants, all in need of massive federal and state assistance, all supposedly now loyal to their entitlement benefactors. Who could stop them from voting as repayment to their enablers in the new age of 70 percent mail-in ballots, same-day registration, inadequate authentication and audit of ballots, third-party vote harvesting, ballot curing, and Zuckbucks pouring into key precincts to absorb the work of the registrars?

Most of the illegals went to Texas and Florida, key swing states that the left still thinks it can flip to blue status. Long term, the 10 million will recalibrate congressional districts to favor neo-socialist agendas. Short-term, millions of new arrivals unlawfully may still try to vote in 2024.

Any who object to or publicize this agenda will be dammed with boilerplate smears of “election deniers,” “voter suppressions,” “racists,” and “xenophobes,” Yet all that said, the administration is now desperately trying to distance itself from its greatest “new Democratic Majority” border success, given that public opinion abhors what Biden had done at the border to the country at large.

So it floated a phony “bipartisan border security” bill in hopes of luring naïve Republicans to support a stealth de facto amnesty agenda that would have still allowed 5,000 illegals in a day rather than the now customary 10-15,000. The hope was that when it failed (and the left knew it would), to blame Republicans for what the left had wrought.

Biden knows destroying the border will ruin America for generations to come, costing billions of dollars in subsidies and legal and policing costs to integrate the massive influx. So until the election, it is thrashing about, claiming that it never did such a thing at all. Its duplicity is again proof that the open borders agenda was hated by the public, a human catastrophe, and not sustainable before an impending election.

Biden’s foreign policy is also in ruins. Biden destroyed deterrence in an effort to beg, appease, and buy off America’s enemies to behave and not cause an election-losing war. But the more it fled from Afghanistan in humiliation, the more it appeased Russia as it massed on Ukraine’s border, the more it snored as a Chinese spy balloon traversed the United States, the more it put early holds on aid to Ukraine, the more it assured Putin a “minor” offensive into Ukraine would not elicit a US response, so all the more it convinced Putin that he could take Ukraine without an American pushback, the Chinese to threaten Taiwan, and Hamas to prepare for massacring Jews.

So here we are in Ukraine with nearly 800,000 dead, wounded, and missing Ukrainians and Russians. The administration has no clue how to stop the Verdun that its appeasement birthed. The entire therapeutic approach to foreign policy lies in ruins.

Ditto the Middle East. National security advisor Jack Sullivan’s “quiet” portfolio that he inherited from the Trump administration simply blew up. Biden is now scrambling to stop the Israeli response to the encircled Hamas remnants, trapped in their last redoubt in Rafah.

Biden is now replaying the 1950s CIA-stereotype of the “Ugly American,” as he does his best to overthrow the Netanyahu government, and to allow the trapped Hamas remnants to escape and claim they defeated the Zionist entity, despite butchering more Jews in a single day than any time since the Holocaust. No matte: the Biden administration is stealthily communicating with the Israeli opposition concerning the best joint strategies to force Netanyahu out. Mass protests in the streets of Tel Aviv attest to the success of destabilizing the current Israeli government.

Team Biden whispers to the media about slow-walking or stopping key arms shipments, abdicating America’s once protective role in the UN, or encouraging the “international community” to go after Netanyahu for “war crimes” for accidentally hitting a civilian team in Gaza. (By such logic, are Biden and Gen. Mark (“righteous strike”) Milley equally culpable for being in charge when a US strike in Kabul blew up 10 innocent civilians by similarly mistaken targeting?). Meanwhile, Biden keeps courting Muslim-American Michigan voters, who repay his appeasement with cries of “Death to Israel! Death to America!”.

The release of violent criminals and an uptick in property crimes, murders and assault follow a similar script. The Biden administration outsourced criminal justice to defund the police/critical legal theorists at the federal, state, and local levels. No bail arrests led to violent offenders released the next day. Thousands were let go from jails and prisons.

The word spread in the criminal community that in the new Biden years, there were no real consequences, no serious punishments for violent assault or major felonies.

So in 2021-2023, crime exploded. When it reached the point of making life unlivable in the major cities and began to max out, the administration declared “crime is declining”—in the same way that hyper-inflation supposedly did so on the economic front.

After spiking the prices of key food staples, insurance, fuel, and interest rates, such hikes could not go too much higher without destroying outright the American way of life. So as the rate of inflation slowed, Biden bragged about “lowering inflation”—but not the 30-40 percent higher food prices since his own inauguration.

The common denominator for these disasters is the embrace of left-wing “theory.”

Critical legal theory mandates that jurisprudence is a construct. Laws have no morality since they favor the powerful. The latter use “white privilege” arbitrarily to invent crimes and punishments to protect their own power hierarchies. All that nonsense has now led to a pre-civilizational free-for-all in our dirty, dangerous, and dysfunctional cities.

Modern monetary theory—printing lots of money to spread around to those who have none while diminishing the value of money of those who have it—only led to hyperinflation and high interest rates.

When DEI theories were unleashed on the military, potential recruits hesitated, and thousands quit. After Pentagon grandees virtue signaled their fear of “white rage” and “white privilege,” after DEI made promotions and assessments often contingent on race, gender, and sexual orientation, and after the new military was humiliated in Afghanistan, it found it could no longer deter the enemy, recruit sufficient soldiers, or win back the confidence of the American people.

In all these cases, the woke genie left the bottle—and won’t go back in. So it will be hard for the administration to assure a long-suffering public that things are just wonderful, much less to reverse these policies, if indeed they are reversible, before November.

Expect instead nonstop distraction as the left beats the January 6 horse to death, calls for abortion on demand, and waits for its underling judges, prosecutors, and juries to jail or bankrupt Trump and therefore do what balloting cannot.

In other words, the long-awaited Great Fundamental Transformation finally got its moment, crashed, and now has torched the nation—middle-class Americans most of all.


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75 thoughts on “Is The Great Illusion In Ruins?”

  1. Thank Prof Hansen. But, I can almost see a “Winston” working away somewhere on this piece at a data farm in Utah in a few years. Let’s pray not.

  2. Donald Gehrig

    you mean they seceded from the Union’s Constitution, it’s laws and order, incited civil unrest, censored, coerced, controlled, canceled and cleansed via unlawful weaponization of our law and order processes, all the while re-instituting a new form of indentured migration brought in illegally for subsidized ‘work’, none of that work truly legal…uhhh, there once was a 13thA, enacted after our 1st Civil War and it no longer prevails at our borders….Dems were always for that before they briefly were against it in the 1960s…a Civil War II ensues

  3. In a word Obama. Anyone that voted for him thinking it was the final act of racial healing was conned. Anyone who voted for him twice thinking they were advancing racial healing is a fool. The difference between the decline of Rome & the decline of America? Easy one, Rome had good roads.

    1. While Republican politicians were patting themselves on the back for stopping Obama’s transformation of America, they were oblivious to the fact Obama was playing the long game. Republicans were beaten before they even realized the war they were in and what was at stake. Sadly, many R’s still don’t get it and many in the conservative media are the useful idiots that remain clueless; i.e., checkout National Review if you don’t believe me.

  4. Dear Victor. Your list of “leftist experiments” is depressingly comprehensive.

    The remaining firewall is made up of the Constitution backed by the Supreme Court and a system of elections capable of producing legitimate results. If either or both of these entities fall, the way back to a free and prosperous America is fraught. In seven months, we’ll see which path America goes down.

    1. Craig Jenkins

      This time, there will be an armed uprising, if Trump loses in a close election and there’s perceived fraud. Trump’s simply the vessel for the dispossessed majority. He needs to be very careful how he handles himself in public and should take extra security measures to stay alive. Otherwise, if they’re able to put him in jail, they’ll “Epstein” him, once & for all. These are perilous times with dark forces working behind the scenes.

    2. IF we survive that long. IF Trump makes it in, they will collapse everything and blame it on capitalism / Republicans.

      PS: I assume you’ve you’ve all read the ‘Cloward -Pivens Strategy of Manufactured Crisis’?
      Co-author Frances Fox – Pivens is one of Obama’s top advisors.

  5. Michael McDonnell

    Given all of these developments, it would be interesting to explore who are (still) the Biden voters. Can they be disabused? Can they be given a useful antibiotic for TDS? What might a triage operation look like?

    1. We know who the Biden voters are:
      Women who want their abortions, and their boyfriends. Young women are Dem 3-1.
      GenZ and Millennials who want their student loans to go away
      Suburban moms who want their daughters to have abortion access
      Ideological Leftists of all stripes
      Unhealthy people who want “free” healthcare
      Those who depend on Dem patronage and programs for their livelihood
      Anyone who profits from Globalism
      Anyone who hates the USA as founded, Israel, or Western Civilization

      Do not be fooled by polls. 2024 will be a very close election.

    2. People like Alan Dershowitz criticize, verbally attack O’Biden, and
      THEN still vote for him?? Someone please explain the unexplainable.

      1. Unexplainable is voting for Trump in 2024 after his declaration of dictatorship on day one, his rambling on Gettysburg, his lies, his destruction of the GOP, his comes and goes on abortion, on Ukraine, his declarations on immigrants poisoning the blood of our country in spite of his mother immigrant from Scotland, his first wife from Czechoslovakia, his second wife from Slovenia. And above all being a bully, the bully that his voters would like to be :>)

        1. Apparently, you got the bit about “being a dictator for a day” second hand. If you’d seen Trump utter the remark, you’d know he was just kidding. Most sentient Americans agree with Trump that we risk importing criminals when immigrants are unvetted. Of course Trump doesn’t want to block all immigration – he never said such a thing. Like my mother, Trump’s mother and wife immigrated here legally. Mom proudly learned English, studied, and passed her citizenship test. Whenever she arrived back home from visiting our family in Europe, she’d say, “when I get off the plane. I want to kiss the ground. There is no place like America.” Now, she wouldn’t recognize it. Trump loves this nation more than himself – and it’s why he keeps fighting to restore our values and his supporters love him. The GOP is resurgent because Trump is resurgent.
          Since Biden came into office, our food and gas costs have doubled, our electric bill has increased 50%, and every month, I worry. In the past 8 months, we’ve had two dangerous escaped convicts keeping us trapped in our homes for up to a week – for the first time ever in our previously crime free rural township. When Trump was in office, we had hope. Now our only hope is for Trump to be re-elected back into office.

  6. Awesome. Right on the money. Why can’t young people see the lies? And once again dangle the carrot of education loan forgiveness. But even that isn’t fair to everyone. Loan reduction or forgiveness to who? Government workers and medical! What about all the rest of us that were not born with a silver spoon? Why not go at the loan issue the right way. Make the loans low or no interest. Some are getting a free ride for what? Votes? At every one’s expense that works for a living.

    1. How about colleges and universities funding the loans and taking the loss if their students can’t repay?

      1. Why should they when that old reliable safety net, the U.S. Taxpayer, you and me, is almost firmly in place. A tax revolution would solve a lot of America’s problem. They can’t put us all in jail.

  7. I continue to be amazed that Biden receives as much as 40+% favorable ratings. Those who favor him are surely ignorant, and likely choose to be so. This is very sad for our once-great nation.

    Keep up the good work, sir.

    1. First, don’t believe any poll that says Biden has anywhere near a 40% favorable rating. Second, we need to acknowledge the fact Biden was not elected, he was installed. Third, we must also understand that this is Obama’s third term.

  8. Where I live our community can see with our own eyes what Dr Hansen brilliantly describes and we all agree that all this calamity is the angry judgement of God Himself.

  9. Edward McFarlane

    These are all excellent points. While one could have looked to history to see that the politics of the left have always failed anywhere they were implemented, some in the US obviously thought that it was not the policies but the process as to how they were implemented. The missing point from the essay, and perhaps the most salient, is the fact the left co-opted and destroyed the education system first. That way many people would not know of the failures found in reviewing history. Much like a military campaign may bomb or thwart the supply lines before an attack, the left destroyed morality and education before fully ushering their experiment. Having said that, even the very least educated among us must see the contrast between most of the Trump years and what we have now. So how does Biden still poll 40% and how could any state seriously consider reelecting him? Questions for which I will never understand the answers.

    1. Heather Kressley

      After many years of reading the news, mostly conservative, and watching polls, I came away with the sad realization that most publications and polls are a mix of lies in the macro with truth in the micro. In other words, I don’t trust the 40% poll favoring Biden.

    2. Remember that 40 plus percent of the USA population depends on a government handout or paycheck. They will never vote to change the existing order

  10. Gerard Durkin

    Dear Mr Hansen ,as usual, your analysis correct and insightful. My question to you is ,will America recover from the policies of this Carthaginian President?

  11. Debt to GDP Ratios

    As of 2023, the debt-to-GDP ratios for these countries are approximately as follows:

    Italy: 144%
    United Kingdom: 104%
    France: 110%
    Germany: 66%

    These figures indicate the total public debt as a percentage of the gross domestic product for each country, providing a measure of the national debt relative to the size of the economy.

    Nordic countries are as follows:

    Finland: 75.8%
    Sweden: 30.4%
    Norway: 44.3%

    Other countries of interest:

    Russia at 15.7%
    China 68.1%
    Taiwan: 29.7%
    South Korea: 49.9%
    Japan: 255%

    And finally:

    Israel: 67%
    US: 122%

    Israel should be spending money on the US, not the other way around. We clearly can’t afford anything.

    Russia is likely enjoying profits from oil sales, while Japan is just getting too old and is in a death spiral. At “this rate”, Russia could probably continue financing the Ukraine war for many years. They could destroy our economy, as has happened many times throughout history.

    Most of us consider Italy a lost cause. We are close behind that failed economy but on a much bigger scale..

    Numbers don’t lie. We suck.

    Everything else is window dressing and doesn’t matter.

    Except pronouns, of course.

    1. Those numbers explain why a CBDC based system is inevitable in the near future. Once numerous banks go bust in the coming “everything collapse”, they will have no choice.

    2. Adrienne Wasserman

      Today Hamas announced that it couldn’t produce 40 live hostages. Mighty America could have demanded that all hostages be released on Oct 8. I feel no impulse to “pay” an Administration that is keeping Hammas convinced it has won.

  12. .Enemy action ie exploding 2 or 3 nuclear weapons in space above the USA would generate a nuclear electromagnetic pulse EMP which would completely destroy America electric power systems. The future might be predicted by the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still the original.

  13. james (seenitbefore)

    Prof Hanson, I own your books and read your columns, but analysis of factual bullsh*t is bullsh*t analysis. Everything you said about Biden is largely correct regarding domestic policy when viewed in the context of foreign policy misinformation. The Neocons of the ISW and Hoover institute, e.g. Condi Rice have pumped you with lies and you have swallowed it. The US/NATO allies are the greatest mass murderers, since Hitler, Stalin, Mao. If you cannot recognize that, then all your analysis comes to nothing. It is sad to see such a brilliant mind so easily misled in this day of internet connecting you to hundreds of news organizations around the world who are reporting contrary facts and views to the Washington Post, NYT, and US DoS. It is so easy to find the truth and yet you embrace the lies of our Government. Does your job at Hoover require you to cowtow to the neocons or are you simply a neocon yourself.

    1. Maybe you are mislead? That seems like a high probability or you would have your own show…and you don’t.

      1. Just maybe VDH has no time to have a show. He has this colume he writes 3 to 4 times a week, still teaches at Hillsdale College, ( the driving to and from work ) a podcast 5 times a week and guest apperents on TV and radio dosn’t leave much time for a show.

  14. Great Quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, “Sooner or later we all sit down to a banquet of consequences”… We’re going to have a real feast!!!

  15. Jim j Hoffmann

    Dear Victor:
    thank you for your insights as always. I, unfortunately, have little hope that things will improve on any of the issues you describe in this piece. The decisions put forth by this administration are guided by Satan and all I do daily is pray for divine intervention.
    Even if Trump is on the ticket in November, the liberal juggernaut seems to be a force that the right wing is unable, unwilling and incapable of dealing with now. I fear for the future of my kids who do stay off their cell phones and stay well informed. As I see it, their future looks very grim.
    I wish you and your family good health as at this point, that is all that really matters.
    As I have stated over the years many times; The principles of right v wrong…good v evil is fleeting in our society, or they might be totally absent at this point. God Bless America, our Military and our Veterans.

    1. Heather Kressley

      We must repent and turn our hearts back to God. We Christians must start this revival by repenting. Then, we can hope for God to yet suffer through in holding back His righteous Judgment against our nation. As we do unto Israel, God shall do likewise unto us.

  16. The decision to open the border was a calculation based on whether the short-term pain justified the long-term gain.

    This was enabled by a compliant press that completely ignored the border crisis. As if it never happened.

    This diabolical plot may or may not cause the left to lose in 2024.

    However, they are playing the long game and playing it well.

    Joe is a convenient and inconsequential fall guy to take the short-term blame, if there is any.

    Obama gets to fundamentally change America without getting his hands dirty.

    Pretty slick.

    Every action results in an equal and opposite reaction.

    What will our reaction be?

    I vote for mass deportation.

    Of course, implementing such a messy and difficult strategy would result in the same general scorn that Israel is experiencing for merely trying to protect its nation.

    Do we have a choice?

    1. There’s no choice. We should be striving for a higher birth rate instead of importing illegal aliens with little incentive to assimilate. Massive migration results in chaos, and it’s a tremendous burden to our society in many respects.
      Let’s close our borders and work on creating a better environment for young people to become educated, develop skills, work hard, purchase a home and start a family. Forget all the academic studies.

  17. Biden and his willing kill America cohorts have wantonly attempted to destroy our nation. This left wing elite verily believes thT they will escape the societal collapse they’ve inspired. America should make this elite pay a painful price for their arrogant attempt at a political takeover. In fact the outcome is likely still in doubt.
    We are akin to the peasants of the French revolution and these leftist aristocrats emerge to pay in blood if they can be dislodged. This attempt to make America a dystopian jungle must have severe consequences. This group of nihilistic should be dismantled in a manner similar to Israel’s takedown of Hamas. The democrats will repeats this last for tyranny if not destroyed. The actual course of this destruction is for sane but unforgiving patriots. The crisis is beyond saving by rational intellectuals.
    It will be a miracle if blood is not spilled?

  18. We who defend the nation with our very lives have had enough of the fools throwing away our fellow lives for nonsensical schemes that don’t work. Thanks, Victor, for your clear explanations.

  19. Thank you Mr. Hanson for a thorough dissection of the worst president in U. S historys truly evil game plan. If the Republicans in the House and Senate had got off their asses, gone en masse to the liar-in-chiefs office and raised Hell, taken the immigration case to the people, camped out on the Capitols steps and made enough of a stink, then maybe enough Americans (probably not any democrats, too stupid and ideologically bound) could have stalled this communist-like assault on our country. I blame them more than the democrats, i expect to be screwed by the dems, but not by the Repubs.

  20. Excellent, I only take exception to the costs of goods and services as in my business EVERYTHING has doubled.

    If people don’t see the cost of business doubling just go out to dinner and think about how much you were paying for dinner 4 years ago.

  21. Brilliant succinct synopsis categoring how in every way the Biden administration has been wrong.

    So wrong that every citizen will be able to see the good vs evil big picture.

    Now…to remove any of that doubt… turning our back on our ownly dependable global ally is begging for our higher power to mitigate justice.

  22. Peter Patterson

    What a bloody mess. Can Trump turn it around? Well he’s our only hope. With all the swing states turning red, if he loses in November I shudder to think what will happen. Assassination or jail. They are the only options left for the Democrat party. And we all know what they are capable of when they get desperate. God Bless America.


  24. Dan Schnittker

    I would like to hear the author’s thoughts on the distal origin of our present standoff. Surely, there are deeper forces at work. Hanson covers the usual laundry list, but who, or what is driving this? Besides the late coming wave surfer, Obama. I think Reagan’s great mistake was selecting insider, H. W. The die was cast. Bill Clinton was enthusiastically compliant in selling out American jobs and dual use tech to communist China. And his one gear will ‘aw shucks’ it to the grave. The problem is much deeper than the current lecher in chief, or his handlers. And we stand by.

  25. Nailed it again and again and again… Great information to repost and spread far and wide. Who could say it better?

  26. Kevin Trevillian

    A great summary, but I think it overlooks two important factors. One, the strip mining of the middle class began in earnest long before the Obama and Biden administrations, in the 1990s when the decision was made to gut America’s manufacturing sector, along with the banking and large corporate interests to completely globalize, and leave behind any allegiance to the US economy that had spawned them to start with. The other overlooked factor is that the Republican party has always been as complicit in all this as the democratic leftists, but more clever in hiding that fact. During the 40 years or so after WW2 there was a sort of unspoken economic version of the social contract, wherein it was deemed OK for banks and corporations to make a ton of money, so long as there were eventual long term benefits to the US middle class. That unspoken contract no longer exists, with the new goal of the elites to establish a true neo-feudal society, with little to no social or economic mobility, and what’s left of the middle class under complete economic control via all the various debt mechanisms we are seeing today.

    1. IMHO, The destruction of this Constitutional Republic was put in overdrive when Hillary’s attempt to get single-payer Healthcare passed. She then incorporated what she wrote in her Wellesley thesis. With Bill’s subservience, she initiated placing “their people” in positions of bureaucratic power within the government, unions, and other places appropriate for the Dems to control the government from within. One of her big plays was getting the government workers unionized. This was placed on steroids when Obama did such things as install, Tsars, who didn’t need to be confirmed by the Senate, in every governmental department and therefore would not leave when the incumbent left office. Now those Tsars are buried within our bureaucracy after having 30 yrs. to recruit like-minded individuals in those department. And it goes on………
      This are just my thoughts, but certainly wish someone would look into the situation and see how true all this is. Hopefully the next commander-in-chief can begin to unravel this gargantuan grip on the daily interworking of our Government. Which, of course, must be run as designed, OF, FOR and BY THE PEOPLE and NOT BUREAUCRATS!!!

  27. Perot Conservative

    And how have they hid astronomical increases in crime? Retails thefts too numerous to catalog. Is it true some cities like Lis Angeles aren’t logging crime statistics into a new FBI database?

    Most major cities on the west coast are a disaster. I’ve never been to Detroit, but Oakland now resembles pictures I’ve seen. Graffiti everywhere, on retail awnings, walls, light posts & mail boxes. Even curbs. Curbs! I just read that Oakland has 15,000 abandoned cars – 15,000! – cars stolen, stripped, and abandoned. I drive by them weekly. So they become ‘home’ for drug users, block sidewalks, pester businesses, and lower the quality of life even further. Young sideshow hooligans just took over the $8 Billion Bay Bridge at 3 AM, spinning donuts, creating havoc.

    Meanwhile, another rigged election awaits. What then?

  28. With Russia I read the room differently. The fourth industrial revolution, the great reset, the build back better. What happened to that? I think Putin was all in or so it appeared with the New World Order World Economic Forum industrial marriage to government sea to shining sea globalist view of stakeholder vs. steakholder. Then suddenly when Europe thought OK we’re in need of energy so lets have an affair with Ukraine and park our carcasses right up to the border of Russia who will look the other way while we pledge our vows to them and at the same time set our mistress up in Ukraine. On what planet did you think that would go over well with Putin? And that all comes after the light of the Bidens wheeling and dealing with energy companies in Ukraine. What about China? We thought if we gave them entrance and exit power at our port of entry from east to west via the Panama Canal they reach out for m ore? Did we think letting people cross the border for cheap labor and power over them they wouldn’t catch on we use them so why not use us? My opinion we’ve been keeping the boat steady between two parties with a once in a while spoiler and the seas are getting rough and not a soul in power reads the room. I’m ranting so I’ll stop. I do not know the answer. I just think our souls only option is to stay true to ourselves because the reeds are shaking in the wind as we saw with the introduction of a virus where we became a harsh dictatorship.

  29. Walter Herbst

    The question yet yo be answered is: who are these 40 percenters who apparently believe Biden is not only doing a good job, but is competent? And why can’t those we use to call ” the press” fully appreciate that they too will be sacrificed? Or, as many of us believe, it is all Orwellian lies and propaganda and the 40% is just another myth

  30. Another great piece by VDH — except for the Russia/Ukraine analysis, which bafflingly toes the Obama/Obiden line on Russia as an “unprovoked aggressor” with no legitimate security interest in preventing nuclear encirclement right up to its own border — by the same color revolution monsters who captured Ukraine by coup in 2014.

  31. Thank you once again, Dr. Hanson, for providing us with unvarnished truths. It is clear that the architects who make these policy decisions seek the destruction of the US, in order to make way for the same in all of western civilization. If one is following events worldwide, they see that these moves are clearly intentional, methodical & coordinated. Those who love our country, freedom & the great system our Founders gifted us with know this. The vast majority of those who do support these destructive plans are simply useful idiots: if they fully realized the eventual outcomes, there is no way they would back the perpetrators. Intentional & ramped up polarization serves to prohibit unified resistance to BigBro. Hopefully enough awaken & unite to resist before it’s too late, if that time is not already past.

  32. “Critical legal theory mandates that jurisprudence is a construct.”

    And relative.

    Possibly worse, the left screams that biology is a social construct. Childrens’ Hospital in Seattle during the summer of 2021 announced they would be doing gender surgeries that summer on kids.
    Seemingly, the medically educated in biologic, chemical, and mental sciences tossed aside their previous old rule of ‘do no harm’ to line up for the left’s profit over reason.

  33. What’s been happening is probably just the tip of the iceburg. People need to be aware of the goals of the WEF and the UN. Biden, the DNC, culpable Republicans in Congress, corporate America, and others are all participating, unwittingly or not. A miracle is in order. Hillsdale College has a series of lectures which explain:–eHwxg3157zbEF5aj1q-nhcby0mZBKW24ZTAGvILTOMfAeMqWjR1jdVWGmCmIVQqfGYrPzq53MMDGHDJF7VTeVksYWJVcchxcDm2dNoETYRBUssljG

  34. You would think that after spending (how many?) trillions, everything would be better, but everything is worse, and somehow Biden, having done everything possible wrong, is riding at 40%
    What is wrong with people?

    1. Tim, it is somewhat of an illusion.

      25% will vote for the claim that Mexico is north of the US, the color white is actually black, and that there are not 24 hours in a day. That’s just the way it is.

      So we are just talking about the other 15% of brainwashed imbeciles.

      25% will always “vote wrong”. Got that from the cartoonist, but it seems to hold up quite well over time.

  35. Stolen elections have grave consequences, and in small words, Biden is a traitor and should be tried and face a firing squad. I am so ready for Trump to go full Old Testament on the radical left and have them all put in jail or executed for treason. Please hand me the jaw bone of an ass.

  36. “The mysterious architects of White House ideology” is exactly the correct term for this administration but the face of it is Biden.
    Joe and Jill wanted the titles so bad they abandoned all morals in the quest for the WH. Of course they were corrupt decades ago as they enriched themselves and family by selling access but now they are tearing apart a nation. In that endeavor they put their grandchildren’s future at risk.
    May both, along with brother James, son Hunter and the entire architects of this demise; rot in HELL!


    “In other words, the long-awaited Great Fundamental Transformation finally got its moment, crashed, and now has torched the nation—middle-class Americans most of all.”

    Which is exactly what leftists who believe ‘we had to destroy the nation in order to save the nation’ intended to happen.

  38. Formerlybigmike

    The problem is that Trump is a narcissist and social climber who has a victim complex. There are rational Republicans who could help our country instead of screaming for revenge but they’re not exciting to the low information conspiracy-loving faithful. Selling shoes and Bibles? Trump University? A president you wouldn’t trust around your daughter? Giant conspiracies with thousands keeping secrets? Biden simultaneously hopelessly senile and satanically conniving? Give me a break!

    1. The only real solution is do not vote for anyone who is far left. Vote for common sense people in any election. Local state and Federal candidates is the start.

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