Systems Collapse

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc as they explore “systems collapse” after Biden’s first year. VDH brings the whole year into historical perspective.

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6 thoughts on “Systems Collapse”

  1. Kevin C Mcwhorter

    Now there’s a good need for modern tech! Maybe drones and cameras in the rail yards? We have cameras on every foot of our public space. We can send a check instantly to every American. But we cant watch our public officials at work. Or vote on individual issues to let our elected know how to vote. It’s historically very decadent with advanced strategies so sophisticated and extremely wicked.Greed will,and is putting an end to this awesome system.

  2. Kevin C Mcwhorter

    Just like in Stalinist Russia or Maoist China….the lie will be maintained as long as there’s a substantial amount of people living well off of it. As long as the money flows,the greed and decadence will continue.

  3. This episode was really, really good – wow! Thank you, it really made my day much easier and more productive. Kind regards


    I like to use the image of unraveling a sweater, to explain to people what happens when you tinker radically with society. “You can’t pull on a thread and not expect the sweater to unravel.”

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