Symptoms of a Breakdown

Listen in to Victor Davis Hanson and his cohost Jack Fowler discussing the impact of illegal immigration, the political significance of the candidate to replace Breyer, and 2020 emails that show Wuhan lab fabrication of the deadly Covid19 Virus.

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11 thoughts on “Symptoms of a Breakdown”

  1. Interesting that the KJV translators in the 17th century chose to translate the koine “hamartia,” which modern translations give as “sin,” as “trespass”. Doesn’t make much of a theological point so much as a shift in modern conceptions of land and law.

    I also remembered talking to a Canadian expat in west Africa who said the key to Canadian and United States civilization is that most people stop at a red light even when no one is in the intersection. He’s also still waiting for someone to write a companion work, “Occidentalism,” to Edward Said’s “Orientalism” (which he was engrossed with at the time). We solved the street racing problem in my home time by having a road to nowhere called “The One Rod Highway”.

    Mark is an Evangelist who can be represented by one of the 4 living creatures from Ezekiel and Revelation. Every Irish-American who’s seen Gangs of New York knows Michael is the Archangel who threw Satan out of heaven (way to represent Jack!) Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, pick your next 3 are Archangels. Milton associates Uriel with the Sun. Goethe in Faust associates Michael with storms, Raphael with the Sun, and Gabriel with Earth. Medieval intellectuals loved to associate angels with Ptolemaic cosmology and Neo-Platonism (see C.
    S. Lewis’s The Discarded Image, a collection of Cambridge essays for students studying Medieval and Renaissance literature). Next time Jack and Victor have a beer, Jack needs to bring along a Medievalist! 😉

    1. No one has ever submitted VDH fan art. (I’m the administrator)

      I’d be thrilled to receive some fan art to post!

        1. Thanks Mr. Nicon and Ms. Winc for the info.

          P.S. Don’t worry, Ms. Winc (Dr., Countess, Goody, Child of Zeus, si vous preferez?) We know who rules by might ’round here!

  2. Another reason the Biden admin is relocating all those illegals – a missing demographic from the 2020 Reign of Blue Terror was the Hispanics.
    Antifa for controlling whites.
    BLM for controlling blacks.
    And now, a La Raza militia for controlling the Latinos.

    1. richard engelsman

      And the MSM will keep up the propaganda and disinformation. I believe DUDE is on to something. If you follow his logic, we are in for some really bad days ahead. I only hope that the next two election cycles can stall this cancer in our country. I strongly believe that we, as a country, are irretrievably damaged and that the American way of life is forever changed. Just finished reading Andy Ngo’s book – Unmasked- Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. Scary stuff.

      1. Yeah, I think Dude may be on to something. Problem is that the folk who would join these groups in that form all hate each other. As a mild taste of what a coalition would be like, see Goldberg’s attempt to weild Black Privilege in her comments about the Holocaust as white people killing each other.

  3. Funny that this show was heavy into Catholic thought and popular talismans. One of original roles of the Virgin Mary was Dolorosa – A sorrowful acceptance of defeat and moving on beyond despair, someone who could help pray for us and provide an example of strength and courage especially to the widows and orphans of war. I think it is highly likely that Biden will lead us into a global recession which becomes a depression and to the ignoble final end of the glorious American century. So maybe we as Catholics should not ask for help from the likes of St. Michael as did the pitiful deluded of Constantinople but stand in courage in the face of defeat like all the great martyrs and saints before us and ask for the courage and fortitude to remain civil, rational, faithful and optimistic in the face of adversity with some prayers for us by Our Mother, (IE – no we don’t pray to Our Mother; Matt. 18:20 – rather we ask the saintly who came before us to pray for us).

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