Suspicion: the Polls and the Panderers of the Deep State

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler to examine Trump’s rise in the polls, Biden’s approval ratings, Fauci’s move to private life and other Deep State tales, and the Iraq War 20 years later.

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13 thoughts on “Suspicion: the Polls and the Panderers of the Deep State”

  1. So, (with apologies to Phil et al.) when is Uictor going to denounce Trump? I’ll agree that he was reckless, not intentional, with January 6th, but after all that happened, he’s calling for protests and picturing himself facing Brag (who I loathe) with a bat? However well he may have started in 2016, he is now patently a man that wants to rule the nation or watch it burn in his name. If I want Antifa and BLM investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, then I can’t ignore or give a pass to Trump. How can you? (I understand the thinking of those who would rather have a Marius and Sulla style civil war than Progressive tyranny, (though I strongly condemn that view) but Uictor doesn’t want civil war.)

    1. Yawn. There are those that understand that we are on the precipice of collapse, and there are republiwimps that have their head in the sand. The left, and Uniparty elites, will never allow us to go back to the status quo. You should be happy with Jack and Victor’s commentary, as it’s as close to outright endorsing Ron! as it can get.

      1. Marge Desiderio

        I am glad to see someone (who can write better than I) bring out the Roni bias. You have Jack and Victor saying they wouldn’t watch Trump rally and then to keep saying all the things he
        does wrong. Jack is worse than Victor.

        1. Marge, a couple of things.
          I am indeed worse than Victor.
          Next, I did not say I wouldn’t watch the rally — I didn’t watch it. Couldn’t. Probably though wouldn’t if I could — I prefer TCM to anything else on the boob tube.
          I do not think the sun shines out of Trump’s heinie. I love the 2018 tax bill and his Middle East policy and boy oh boy was he preferable to Hillary and Biden, but … I think he is responsible for losing in 2020, he is responsible for losing GA 2021 special elections, he has some ownership degree of lockdown culpability and the hell that has emanated from it, he was not prepared to take over in Jan 2017 (allowing so many Obama hacks to remain in office for weeks and months), he is less likely to win a national election than is DeSantis. But God help us if this Lying Joe is reelected (and yeah, he could be).
          Thems are my opinions. I am entitled to them, you to yours, and God bless us all.

          1. Wow, thanks, Jack, for letting us know where you’re batting from and the reasons for it. In spite of our collective ferocity, we wack-a-doodles in the comments do appreciate you guys and all the work you do. We know Victor likes things spicy, but you and Sami: International Woman of Mystery come in for too many bites along the way.

          2. Well said. This is a tough pickle the GOP is in. No one commands the majority of GOP voters nationally like Trump, not even DeSantis, but I am fearful of Trump winning a broad election. Democrats learned from 2016: get the votes everywhere and don’t assume anything is a lock. They want to win. What did the idiot GOP do: fund a RINO in Alaska versus fight to win senate. What remains to be seen is if DeSantis has the same ability to push MAGA policy good for our country on the national level. He needs donors and thus will be compromised, Trump does not. Which is why I think 2024 is not as rosy for us as we would like. Ask yourself one question: would Ron been able to survive what Don went thru and continues to go thru? I say NO because Trump has the independent resources to survive. God forbid a that a left wing nut with resources like Trump gets elected. And btw I enjoy your hosting, your opening theme song and your weekly civil thoughts emails I subscribe to

  2. Victor and Jack,
    It was good to hear both of you fired up about the corruption and lies of this administration. After all the catastrophes ranging from the border to the debacle in Afghanistan, it’s hard to believe that this president and his cohorts have not been held accountable. We so desperately need true leadership. People who have integrity, strength, and a desire to save our nation. They need to be able to communicate, rally others, and will not give in to woke ideologies. However, can we protect our exemplary leaders from the evil factions in the media and leftist groups? Excellent podcast and I appreciate your analysis.


    @18:35 “…this poor man.”

    I have no sympathy for Biden. He is where he wants to be. He has pursued the highest office in the land, ever since he entered politics. With all of his baggage-his rotten personality, his corruption, his greed. He wasn’t plucked from a street corner by people who want to manipulate him for their own ends. He placed himself in their hands, because it suited him-he got to be President.

    So, no sympathy for Biden.

    If anyone deserves sympathy, it’s we citizens who have to suffer under his incompetent, corrupt administration. But we elected him, irregularities notwithstanding, so how much sympathy do we deserve, too?

    We’re like the dog that chases cars, and gets hit. You can’t leave it in the street, but you also think that if it hadn’t been chasing cars, it wouldn’t be lying in the street.

  4. `Thank you, Mr. Hanson, for your unwavering dedication to truth, history and civility. Yours is the wise, even tempered voice of reason in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile and corrupt.

  5. Trump 4/5: “The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defense our nation from those who seek to destroy it!”

  6. Listening to Professor Hanson talk about a 30 cal gunner on a Blackhawk reminded me to comment that I believe we were in Iraq at the same time. Baghdad 2006, Camp Prosperity, 4th Infantry Division. Sadly it wasn’t my platoon that gave Professor Hanson his guided tour, but I had a copy of Carnage and Culture in my bunk like Alexander had a copy of the Iliad and Anabasis under his pillow at night. Thank you for this podcast, your commentary and your books.

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