Summit on Violent Extremism—Laugh or Cry?

by Victor Davis Hanson // NRO-The Corner


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13 thoughts on “Summit on Violent Extremism—Laugh or Cry?”

  1. Under Obama’s helm, the United States is like an aircraft carrier drifting at sea. Big, powerful, and utterly useless without a commander, a purpose and a direction.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Hanson, for another (as usual!) splendid, sarcastic screed, rightfully leveled at the powers that be. I wonder if any of them read your insights about our inept leaders in Washington. Probably very few.

  3. Richard Feierstein

    I said in my last blog that you are “the best—bar none” and I mean it from someone who grew up reading James Reston regularly for years, etc. And, your above article ridiculing our President in his either living in total denial for years on radical Islam’s assault on the West ;or as I believe, is quite brilliant and knows exactly whose side he’s on and what he’s doing on behalf of what looks more and more to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which by the way, many Egyptians after their overthrow of Morsi claimed they have proof that in fact he is!

    1. I agree with your post and believe Obama is, at the minimum, sympathetic to the muslim cause, which is why we seem to be fighting a war not to win or even slow down the terrorist march, but to run out the clock on his watch.

  4. You forgot:

    XVI: Why the US is really to blame – Understanding extremism in the context of past Colonial Guilt and current economic exploitation.

    XVII: Strategic Disarmament – Dismantling the Military-Industrial Complex in order to approach alienated people as an equal.

    I guess no conference can cover everything when dealing with a problem this large and complex.

  5. Demented “aloha Akbar” was twice elected to the highest office in the land—the joy of unrestricted immigration keeps on giving. Out today,”” House budget chair: the problem is the debt”. Obama and the retiring boomer’s is a lethal combination

  6. The only person more capable than Dr. Hanson of proving Barak Obama to be a morality moron is Barak Obama himself.

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