Subverting Israel, RFK Jr., and the US

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they analyze the US policy of cutting weapons to Israel and supporting Iran, the logic of the Left’s madness, the Biden administration’s promises of amnesty, the presidential debate and excluding RFK, Jr., Dr. Steven Quay’s testimony to Congress, and China’s multi-pronged attack on the US.

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11 thoughts on “Subverting Israel, RFK Jr., and the US”

  1. Victor, the question was on GREEN CARDS stapled to ‘degrees’ for foreign students. ANY COLLEGE. Terrible comment from Trump that has been walked back I believe. We should have learned from the fraud h1b visa that this will destroy every segment of this country for citizens.

  2. Wow, Victor your righteous anger really came through today. No eeyore in sight. The anger about today’s issues is indeed warranted.

  3. Ray Bongiorni

    Lesson to learn: Alienating us from our free speech birthright made CoVID inexorably worse than it needed to be. Free speech is the manifestation of free thinking and is what makes the United States different in all of history. Free speech is what correct wrongs, makes things better, and creates new things. It drives science–hypothesis and validation–and it was amazingly abandoned, even chastised, all during CoVID. It’s stunning that the scientific community itself gave up on the scientific method when the country needed it most. Almost all the heroic (and patriotic) who stood against this, as Victor cites, felt the wrath of those who chose to remain ignorant. Can we not do this again.

  4. It is not happy making to hear you remain ill. You stated “There’s something about this virus” and indeed you are correct. US life insurance companies actuarial tables show a 40% increase in Non-Covid deaths between the ages of 18 to 64. A 10% increase is expected if we were fighting a major war.

    In addition here is a link to a story on “Deagles last words”. His companies research report came out just prior to Covid and stated%3B in the US and it’s western allies 2/3 of their populations would be dead by the end of 2025.

    Here is a link:

  5. Victor: As a physician who has treated thousands of Covid patients and dozens with long-covid, I highly recommend the protocols published by the Front-Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). This is a group of highly respected and world renowned physicians who sacrificed their reputations and, in some cases, careers to speak the truth about treatment of Covid. It was through FLCCC that I learned about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both of which are highly effective. FLCCC has protocols for treatment of long Covid that have been refined continuously and which I have prescribed with some success. If you haven’t checked with FLCCC you don’t have unbiased up-to-date information for treatment of your long Covid. It’s not likely you will get useful information from your internist.


      It’s the Central Valley accent. Along with saying “le-teet-a” or “le-teet-iya”, he says “mericratic” for “meritocratic”, and “commiserate” for “commensurate”, to name a few.


          Here’s another one: “cash-ay” for “cache”, as in a weapons cache. Should rhyme with stash, which is a synonym for cache, by coincidence.

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