Street People, Masks and Crackpipes

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler talk over the streets of San Francisco, Stacey Abram’s call racism, the politics of masks, crack pipes and Kamala’s first trip to Europe.

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11 thoughts on “Street People, Masks and Crackpipes”

  1. The crack pipe story is probably false, though maybe not entirely.
    My experience – tried once, observed twice – with crack back in the 80s was no fancy equipment needed, simply a short (~ 2 inch) glass tube, similar to a segment of chemical pipet.

    The second observation was one of my co-workers had rolled some crack into a joint, which I guess was a poor man’s speed ball, but its utility was lost on me and I took a pass.


      The story isn’t false, but the details are distorted in the ledes and tweets of social media.
      The administration wants to use money to pay for smoking kits, which include, among other things, glass pipes which can be used for smoking crack or crystal meth.
      So, yes, not exactly handing out crack pipes, but rather, handing out kits that include them.

  2. Thank you for another great listen! Consider a “road show”…”An Evening with Jack and Victor!”…You both ad lib so very well together! It creates some of the best spontaneous humor I’ve ever heard on a live albeit-recorded-radio show. For example, the Latin language back and forth at the beginning was hilarious! It set the tone for the rest of the show…and we need to laugh more anyway these days as the absurdity of the left climbs to levels we never thought possible…we MUST laugh more to keep our sanity! Thanks Victor (and Jack)…keep up the great work! Godspeed!
    Justin Ryan
    Lagrange KY

    1. Great post, I agree completely Mr. Ryan! Actually, I’ve been curious for a while now about VDH’s sense of humor. As he is a midrange Boomer, I’ve wondered whether he picked up the occasional Mad Magazine in his youth, though I expect his parents were too focused on the farm to foster such extravagance. Also wondered if he developed a “Classicist” appreciation of B.C. humor. If I had to guess, I suspect he appreciates and has a pretty strong repertoire of graffiti and Latin/Greek puns. Would love to hear more on this subject.

  3. Thank you, Victor, for another inspirational talk. When I made the transition from liberal air-head, to conservative (somewhere around the Ferguson riots), i found myself listening to as many of your lectures, debates, pod casts as possible at least twice, many times more, to improve my own public speaking and to clarify the very complex issues going on in these very confusing times. I truly believe it is your deep knowledge of classical and military history, and your roots in farming (muscular labor) that has given you this special quality that inspires trust in the truth of what you say. Thank you for standing so strong against what i now see the forces of evil in our country (liars and hypocrites). Sure would like to see you run for something like senator, governor, president ….

  4. LtCol(ret.) G.M.Thompson

    This is from an “angry reader”. BUT WAIT, read on, hear me out. I am angry about not hearing VDH add to his other excellent activities by running for office! Not for President (it would take too much of your valuable time) but maybe the Secretary of Education! If you run, I WILL vote for you whatever position you want. I am a retired AF pilot and former Defense Policy Professor at the AF Academy (after being in VN and serving on S.A.C. nuclear alert (3000 hours+ in B-52s.). I would volunteer to be a personal assistant for you, teacher, personal security expert, editorial asst. BTW I have a PhD from UCLA but I really do not want to live in California OR Washington DC!
    If you tell me where to send it, I will be glad to offer my C.V. for your reading and amusement. LtCol (ret.) George M. Thompson. Currently teaching English and History in Pskov, Russia. (6 Nab. Reki Velikoi , D17). Ready to live in your Fresno? house.


      Col Thompson’s offer illustrates what you do to those who care about what’s going on in this country, Victor! I’ll make the same offer and throw in free muscular labor doing whatever you need on the farm/house/garden. Experience with New Holland tractors, bailers, swathers, Harobeds, shovels, post hole diggers, livestock, painting, carpentry, etc. 🙂

      Good to see you break off on your own from NR. Hopefully you’ll be able to stay at Stanford to provide those arrogant snowflakes with a seed of doubt. I still fast forward through Fox and Newsmax programs until i spot you (and a few others like Giuliani, Kennedy, and a few others worth listening to). You should be able to contact me through email.

      BTW, i wanted to upgrade my subscription, but you only offer Pay Pal. any other options?

      Thanks again for your Spartan courage!


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