Strange Bedfellows of the Left

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine Democrats as revolutionaries, Trump’s tweet on Mitch McConnell pronouncements, violence from Mexico spilling over the border, and anti-MLK woke racialists.

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10 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows of the Left”

  1. Ok, after hearing the whole episode, all I can say is…damn. Hanson brought the fire. I don’t know if it’s the battle with Long Covid, or just being fed up, but there is a spirit displayed here that is different. As if the effects of this long term suffering has removed a layer of politeness and patience. While I pray for your full recovery, I enjoy this honed version of Dr. Hanson.


      Thank you Team, At UCSC met Victor o/a April 76’ after our Spanish Civil War Class in the Cowell/ Stephenson Commons. We had a chat about Vietnam that ended with “G, I’m going to be President of the United States”. Victor’s statement entirely credible, because VDH exhibited superior intellect, mastery of communication, political savvy, strong character and high moral fiber. Qualities most of our Presidents have lacked. Also in all my 75 years l’ve realized “race” is something invented to put People down. GO VDH 2024!! Very Respectfully, GDN

  2. I have read plenty of Trump self help financial books, but never one written about his presidency. Not even Victor’s case for Trump. But I could not resist reading Jared Kushner new book, breaking history. It is a great read. Still in the middle of it, and love every page. Did you know Trump has a near perfect photographic memory? I never knew. Reading this book, so far, really helps me understand how some of these guys in the Trump campaign and administration crash and burn.

  3. Barbara Humphreys

    The religion of Climate Crisis even has a Joan of Arc, named Gretta. Suddenly, with natural gas and electricity not just ridiculously expensive but perhaps even unreliable, particularly in Europe, politicians do not want to be seen with Saint Gretta. And winter is coming. Time to bring back that Depression era song: “Buddy, can you spare a BTU?”

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