5 thoughts on “State of the Union”

  1. Victor what do you think about the idea the what’s really going on is creation of chaos by Biden and Putin along with leftists and globalist worldwide to make the only solution support for global government? Everything the leftist demoncrates in power have done is weaken and divide to make us unable to defend our selves. Are they evil enough and corrupt enough to be totally traitors and sell out to UN?

  2. I often wonder how so many public figures were held in such high regard before Trump, got destroyed and went crazy. I often think of geniuses as single dimensional people like Einstein and Stephen Hawking. But, Trump and Musk are absolutely next level multi dimensional geniuses of our time. I never heard about DeSantis drinking and hugging high school female students when he was a teacher until Trump mentioned it. Now why is that? I was hoping DeSantis won’t run because I did not want to see him get destroyed. And, he will.

  3. thebaron@enter.net

    The kiss was right out of “I, Claudius”, and the antics of the imperial family, starting with Tiberius, and later Caligula and his sisters, and their children. Sure, Mrs. Biden and Harris aren’t related, but they’re members of a modern-day imperial family. Not surprised by anything those progressives do. When all morality is relative, you’ll see all kinds of behavior.

  4. I very much enjoy reading/ listening Victor Davis Hanson. Listening to him on FoxNews is only little soundbites. I enjoy his in-depth explanations for his reasoning and his brilliance as a history professor. We have so many of his books.

    So glad we subscribed to Blade of Perseus.

  5. On Hirsch: one unnamed source ain’t gonna do it. If it’s legit intel in some form, this scheme involves enough people that there will be a trickle and then a flood of leaks over the next two months. The possibility you don’t mention is that Hirsch could be being played by a Russian asset. If that’s true, expect to see that get leaked sometime in the next month. Another question is “how would you demonstrate that Hirsch’s claim is false without without stoking the conspiracy mongers? The timing is also interesting in that we’re right at the start of Russia’s new offensive and it’s just been leaked that Biden has been promising Zelenskyy the world in public while privately telling him US aid will be much more limited and drying up soon (note: this may explain Zelenskyy frequently demanding tone). Right now, the Hirsc essay is a tempting wrorshack test for a reader’s sentiments on the war in Ukraine.

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