Standing Up to Putin and Other Analysis

Victor Davis Hanson talks with Jack Fowler about Conservative perspectives on the war in Ukraine, Russians cancelled for lack of vocal criticism of Putin, how the war benefits the Left (or not), and thoughts on the State of the Union and Bill Barr’s new memoire.

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7 thoughts on “Standing Up to Putin and Other Analysis”

  1. Michael Souther

    Putin has the European union and idiot Biden buffaloed. They are so afraid similar to Hitlers terrified European baffoons. If they don’t stand up we will end up in the same mess. Biden refuses to open America’s energy production. One other thing. The cement industry and steel industries will suffer due to the atracks on coal. We are run by some serious idiots and marxists determined to destroy us

  2. Hi Victor excellent analysis as always. You are the master!! I really enjoy watching you in debates. I watched you debate Arianne Huffington on “War and Empire” multiple times on youtube. Not knowing anything, as ignorance as I am, I thought she was a tough opponent. Wasn’t she?

  3. Hello Victor, I’m a high school Latin student who loves your podcasts. As a fellow conservative, I like how you break down the problems with the party through an intellectual lens while still being grounded in the values of middle America. Thank you and keep inspiring the next conservative generation.

  4. Stephen MacDonald

    Suggested topic for next week:
    Our Federal Govt. currently has on & off balance sheet debt that is currently un-payable. The Fed is strongly debating about a 0.25 – 0,5% federal funds rate increase, with inflation running at 7.9% (I.E. throwing spitballs at a battleship). Yet Congress passed on a bi-partisan basis, a 2700+ page (which no one read) spending bonanza, with huge increases in already bloated discretionary spending, and featuring a return to pork barrel spending.
    Even if there is a Republican wave election in November, what makes us think that anything is going to change? I personally see shades of the 2010 debacle, where the same “leaders” who felt it was their duty to dictate what light bulb I could buy, got all the key positions of power.
    I won’t be disappointed this time, as I have no expectations of return to sanity. Where am I wrong?

  5. I think everyone should be weary of agreeing with this administration on anything but specifically on the censorship of Russian broadcasts, sanctions and oligarch property seizures. Free speech, due process and property rights – we can’t pick and choose who is worthy of rule of law.

    “I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake! “ —A Man For All Seasons

    Thank you as always for sharing with us – I am now off to read this highly recommended book , The Dying Citizen.

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