Invading US Air Space and Other Cases of Overreach

Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Jack Fowler about the Chinese spy balloon, and pro-lifers at the Smithsonian asked to remove their hats. They look back at the consequence of Covid policy and defunding the police.

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22 thoughts on “Invading US Air Space and Other Cases of Overreach”

  1. Why talk about not getting apologies from the left?

    Of course there will never be apologies. Leftists think that their overarching trajectory is correct. There are never any sorries.

    Instead they need to be confronted an legally attacked.

  2. I agree, the Chinese do not miss an opportunity to probe and map their enemies responses to an “attack”. Using the “weather balloon”, they certainly got a clear message on the confusion and lack of leadership especially highlighting that Biden is not in charge – Biden tells us he wants to shoot it down and the “military” over-ride his order! When has that ever happened before?

  3. Wackadoodles in the comments eh? 😉

    On another note, Jack’s story at the end is another reminder of his fundamental decency, and one of many reasons he should never be ashamed of letting his voice be heard on this podcast.

    1. You beat me to it. Some of us in fact do have very little to do other than troll, I mean post comments. Generating content is too much work!

      1. Yeah. And monetizing is hard too! If wishes were fishes we’d all cast nets. Btw. DId you see the new carnivorous water plants in “Under the Bridge” magazine? I’m seriously tempted…

  4. VDH in this podcast you spoke of the need for people to stand up against the utter absurdities that are being thrust upon us by the wokely powerful. Isn’t that what we did when we voted for Donald Trump in 2016? Wasn’t that a sign that the public was truly fed up? How else could someone like Trump be elected?

    What we need now at all levels of government are more candidates that speak logic and sensibility to wokeness. Governor’s Young of VA and DeSantis of FL are a good start. But we of course need more, many more.

    Lia Thompson, the female impersonating swimmer, may well live the rest of his life in disgrace once this woke fad is thoroughly discredited. How can he, a 6′-4″ man have any self respect stealing first place wins from his female competitors? He has no shame! He should be a pariah.

    1. There is a simple, fair solution for the Lia Thompson non-level playing field situation.

      At swim meets we have boys and girls events, conducted separately. That has worked out well for the competitors and fans for a long time. However, we have this new problem of multiple genders these days. We must change with the times.

      Lia needs to compete in a division that just has boys who want to be girls in it. Then we would have a level playing field. There may not be that many contestants, but it would at least be fair. Swim meets would take longer, or divided into several days to get through all the different gender possibilities. Some swimmers may qualify to be in several different categories, and, since we each self identify, the whole idea of gender at swim meets could become very fluid, if you catch my drift.

      Eventually, the public would tire of this nonsense and go back to just boys and girls.

      This is called “embrace and extend”.

  5. My wife has been getting on me for spending too much time on the message boards.

    “Are you blogging again?”

    As Victor has pointed out many times, the Left controls almost all of the levers of influence – social media, Hollywood, pro sports. And the only outlet we have is posting on the boards. I have read some cringeworthy posts on the Foxnews site, especially with respect to the George Floyd incident. I would point out that per the reports of Drs. Baker and Fowler George Floyd probably had a perfusion and not a ventilation problem. I drive a bus for a living, but I do have modest credential, an ADN in nursing. I can tell you that nursing diagnoses are based purely on inductive reasoning. Through assessment, you look for patient signs that out of normal limits and base your expected outcomes of care on goals that are measurable, observable, specific, time bound, and realistic.

    I used to be a member of National Review Online. I would support their pledge drives with generous donations of my hard earned money. But I don’t anymore ever since they stopped allowing me to post on their message boards. I would find that I was blocked for some reason. The support response was poor, so I got frustrated and quit. Which I guess the whole point. Luckily, there are many blogs and podcasts and NRO is no longer the only dance in town. I think this rift began with the election of Donald Trump.

    Your Loyal Wackadoodle.

    1. Rose-Marie Fiske


      Doesn’t it seem to you that Milley has to be compromised by the Chinese?
      His behavior makes no sense otherwise.
      Would the FBI instigate him? Is there anyone in leadership at The FBI DOJ that hasn’t been brainwashed by likely Chinese agent who are gender studies majors. The Russians used the black nationalists to foment race wars in an attempt to destroy the United States. The Chinese are no less students of history than the Russians.
      Why wouldn’t they use similar tactics. They blackmailed people or just bribed them. Who keeps the same generals as the previous administration of the opposition party? Has that ever happened before?
      Love you and the show
      If I was an Apple user, I would give you 5 stars

      1. Mark Milley, imv, is an especially egregious person who completely merits court martial trial and quickly made to walk the plank as a treasonous, despicable military general. His numerous, ivy-league educational credentials only further support an argument that formal educational credentials should not be given much weight in the real world. Admittedly, they do falsely promote a shallow, harmful propaganda. Why did not Trump fire the obese, traitorous general immediately after his press apology? Why was the guy even selected? Surely, he was a known element in Pentagon circles, or is the rot that widespread. Who vetted Milley for Trump? In fact, in that Admin of so many back stabbers, who was charged with vetting? It appears the US has the keystone cops in charge of everything. IF a China general did such a deed with an enemy that had repeatedly threatened China, he would receive merited justice within two weeks without one thought to the surviving widow’s sustenance. China views Milley with utter contempt and disrespect. Mark Milley is a living example of western decadence: spoiled, over paid, obese, undisciplined, arrogant, weak, and exploitable. Of course, they would be foolish to not use him as a measure of our military, Pentagon, and our Prez.

        One might wonder whether China’s CCP is not licking its chops in anticipation of its inaugural movement.

  6. Does anyone you at the Defense Department believe this could be a deliver system for what is cooking in the Wuhan lab?

  7. I don’t let a day go by without either reading your columns or listening to your podcasts V. Hanson thank you, BUT in this particular podcast you talk of FJB’s lack of urgency in taking down the ‘spy balloon’ then contrasted the beat down TRUMP would’ve received had he performed similarly. Not a good analogy here VDH not a good one at all because TRUMP would have shot that sucker down before it reached our continental shore ..C’MON MAN:).

    1. Trump wouldn’t have to do a thing. His presence is enough to scare the dictators. US air space is unsecured. I saw that with my own eyes on 9/11. Commercial passenger airplanes were crashing into our buildings. There were no secret weapons to alert or to stop them, NOT even at the Pentagon, the headquarter of Department of Defense. The brave passengers of Flight 93 were our last line of defense. America is just one disaster away from being United. It’s sad, but true. They would be wise to leave us alone.

  8. I agree with commenter James. Jack has the unenviable job of reading the advertisement.

    Jack, I looked up the priest, Father John Hollowell. He offered up his death for the victims of the clergy sexual abuse. What a noble man. I am glad that you squeezed this story in. I know this is not a religious podcast, nor do I want it to be, but we are involved in spiritual warfare. The left are marxist\pagans, and the devil is their philosopher. We need the Lord’s help to defeat them. Pray.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I was going to comment but never got around to it. Victor does not
      come from that religious background and doesn’t understand Lourdes.

  9. Professor Hanson, as an addendum to your criticism of General Mark Milley, the U.S Army’s historical inquiry of the Iraq War from 2013 to 2019 finds that Milley and General Lloyd Austin , in concert with General Omar Jones inflated assessment of Iraq’s military capability similar to the elements of the Afghanistan evacuation in 2021. General Milley, the successor to Commending General Ray Odierno, attempted to bury the work and lessons of the Iraq campaign and its study. Milley eventually agreed to publish the Iraq war history after the study appeared in the press. Subsequently, General Milley was successful in shelving the plans to incorporate the findings into the Army’s professional military education. However, Milley did not release the full declassified archives that accompanied the history in printing copies for military leaders and soldiers.

  10. I’m actually supportive of calling PhD’s “doctor” – at least in the hard sciences and engineering. Most of them have as much training as MDs and some have even made advances (e.g. discovery of X-rays) that helped drag medicine out of the leeches-and-humours era.

    After all, lawyers, some of which have JDs, frequently use the honorific of esquire. And theologians have all kinds of titles to reflect their standing.

    I would further argue, a la Robin Williams in The Dead Poets Society, that some professions keep us alive, while others give us reasons to live, or at least give us a glimpse into our existence – a category to which Dr. Hanson, without question, belongs.

  11. The first Pfizer, then 9 months later the second, then 12 months after that, the 3rd. I didn’t notice I’d started feeling better around 9 months after the second, until I was into the third. Muscles felt like they had lactic acid all the time, joints slightly stiff, feeling run down & weak. I’d always thought it was from inactivity.
    I believe Pfizer affects the muscles. A Chiropractor friend noted his patient’s muscles felt different, “kind of goopy”.
    I’ve never had symptoms or a positive test.
    I dare not take stimulants or do vigorous exercise for at least a year, probably two to be on the safe side, hmm.

  12. Ilhan Omar is of course anti semitic. She is also very anti American. It would be hard to imagine anyone more ungrateful. Would that she could be returned to Somalia to better their country.

  13. I appreciate the education I receive every time I listen to Jack and VDH. However, as Jack voiced frustration in the media not naming names of who recommended banning gas stoves and many other things. I have to say the same for Mr. Hanson, I get very frustrated when he fails to name names, For instance who is the so-called conservative that demanded a private plane and $50,000 for speaking fee. Who was the celebrity that was rude to an person requesting an autograph. The list is rather large regarding Mr. Hanson’s failure to name names and organizations. The time has come to put it out there. I know I and my lovely bride would sure appreciate the candor and truthfulness. I understand that the Hoover institute has a policy of not calling out fellow colleagues but surely many of the individuals that Mr. Hanson gives anonymity to are not members of the Hoover institute. Keep up the great work just please take it to level 11

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