No one — least of all the American people — is exempt from our president’s snark.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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16 thoughts on “Snarker-in-Chief”

  1. Sorry – I read all of your stuff, but there’s so much ammo offered to us by this evil, self-obsessed, lying Obama that I find your note on “snarkiness” to be a waste of your time and way below your usual A+ offering.

    1. There is a lot of ammo, but VDH has never been one to rehash an argument that has been made somewhere else. I think this was something of a easy/fun write for him after or during he was working on that great scorching California piece.

  2. Hello Victor,

    If truth be told, Victor, you’re pretty darn good at doing a bit of psychoanalyzing yourself. I respect it, but you’ve got to give Obama credit for his one line destructions of conservative positions – positions I tend to hold, especially socially. The Bill Mahers of the world – and there are millions of his ilk enjoying their so far daily bowls of irony – love this stuff. Obama is the Left’s answer to the likes of Ann Coulter: clever, trigger quick, and even funny sometimes. Actually, I think Coulter is smarter, but not more charismatic.

    In any case, let’s agree the guy’s a twit and the source of a great deal of evil, and hope that a tougher, faster, better talking conservative weighs in against the Left’s next heavy hitter. Call Obama a lightweight all we want, the guy won. Twice. That says just as much about him as it does about us.

    We need someone clean and mean. By the latter I mean calling out the lies of the Left clearly and offering common sense solutions that are moral. That kind of qualifies as being mean in lefty thinking, doesn’t it?

  3. Excellent in depth reflection of a man that knows his abilities to lead are inadequate for the Presidency. Those inadequacies are hidden, with a puffed up chest and snide personal remarks low information voters snicker in appreciation of their charismatic leader. To cross swords with Jordan, the cool factor can be part of the legacy you see.

    1. That’s pretty optimistic, Jim. I’m afraid that, far from knowing that his abilities to lead are inadequate, he actually believes all the affirmative-action, cool-antiracist sycophants who’ve been tongue-bathing him for years. My fervent hope is that he lives long enough (after his stint as ruler-of-the-world UN general secretary) to realize that maybe it wasn’t true, and that he’s really a do-nothing, abject failure.

  4. I liked it.

    No gratitude. The president “disses” everyone.

    His formative years living in a broken family and island cultures.

    Can one develop an understanding & appreciation for western cluture if raised in the Pacific?

    Constantly interacting with the other? The non-Western?

  5. Before Barak Obama was President he was a community agitator. This type of behavior ( spiking the ball, taunting, etc., should surprise no one.) The south side of Chicago is not like the rest of the country. Most people are finding that out now.

  6. I have to disagree, John Moore. I think it’s important for us to see Mr. Obama’s shortcomings. It explains his failures in responding to all the threats arising in our world today. He is more obsessed with fame : going to Hollywood and Illinois where he is admired and flattered by constant attention. He seeks adulation and barely spends time on important issues.

    Obama dismisses important people who might be invaluable in future strategy or defense. His attitude has soured other leaders who could be important comrades We wonder what is wrong with this man, and Victor Hanson explains it very well.

  7. Obama is indeed that smarm-alec, snarky kid in the classroom always with a quick retort to camouflage the fact he doesn’t know the answer, and doesn’t care to know it, because all he cares about is the adulation his narcissism constantly demands. That is why is is perfect for alinsky, where such a propensity for disrupting or deflecting an honest debate is an invaluable tool when facts are against you (and communists are always on the wrong side of the facts).
    As to the commenters who appear to admire this skill, I suggest that the reason it works is because of that same adolescent schoolroom culture has permeated our “adult” society- that is, few people understand what it is to grow up these days and be genuine contributors to society.

  8. You know Golden Age Athens had its Pericles. The Empire its Octavian/Augustus. And at this point centuries hence America, this great nation on the world stage, has President Obama ostensibly not only steering but ‘sneering’ at the helm as if the latter was a needed quality in dealing with seemingly intractable global problems.

    This looks as if one has a flippant conception of the times…as if off-hand quips are key to stave off criticism in policies. Obama’s sure gotta get his shots in!! His ‘boxing’ with words just shows how far he is from delivering the needed ‘gravitas’ in his demeanor . We should have a Pericles or an Octavian at this time. But we see perhaps a simple run of the mill politician getting in his licks.

  9. Quoting someone here (Mark Levin?) “I like children, just as long as they are not running the White House ”
    To which I would add – and the State Department!

  10. Of American slave blood versus American slaveholder blood, in Obama’s veins course fully half of the latter and exactly none of the former. So arriving in the Oval Office as the crowning achievement to his career as a race hustler based on naught but the color of his skin, the nagging juvenile insecurity from which he suffers is well-founded.

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