Sizing America Up

In today’s foreign-relations climate, even a Jimmy Carter would seem like a godsend.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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8 thoughts on “Sizing America Up”

  1. If/When Iran gets nukes we will see very, very bad things start to happen. Israel will not go down without fighting so we may see tactical nukes at play for first time in human history. Can we survive it. I believe so but what will be the consequences? Will humans just compartmentalize the use of nukes and go on shopping at Amazon picking out that new purse or cool headphones for their IPhone. I’d like to believe we could take the bad guys out but if we haven’t yet will use of nukes prompt us? Not so sure.

  2. As an European i never thought i would see i my lifetime a so radical transformation of the United stated for the worse.
    Obama said he would radically change the country, and he did that.
    The change is hapenning so fast, and i wonder if the United State i like would ever be back.
    The World need a strong and self Confident America, not a weak and damaged one.

    Que les dieux protègent l´amérique…..

  3. In talking about the Obama-induced weaknesses in military affairs, we must not forget the decapitation by removal of senior commanders; nor the firing of over 500 middle-level commanders. And we see the deliberate attempt to destroy the 101st Airborne, a crack unit – by infectious disease. Jimmy Carter would never have even thought of these things, He was a loyal American. I can easily imagine Jimmy Carter dying for his country; the idea of Obama doing the same is risible.

  4. THANK YOU MR DAVIS —for continuing to shed the light on the one man wrecking crew in the oval office. Between golf outings and campaigning to hobble the country and endanger it’s citizens, amazingly the President finally did some good and sane work— He served his country greatly as the chief catalyst for the Republicans retaking the senate and gaining in the house. Free at last, and possibly REAL hope and change. THANKS AGAIN

  5. VDH leaves me feeling smarter for having read him. It’s too bad that so many have an attention span that can no longer stretch beyond 140 characters because sometimes understanding the world we inhabit simply requires that ability. Here is another essay that gives a cogent analysis of what happened yesterday in so many polling places around the country and while some of the pundits recognized it and reported after the polls closed, VDH understood it and wrote about it before the polls opened.

  6. I think that Obama and his regime believe that they were given a mandate by the “two thirds who didn’t vote…”

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